C++ Round Trip



I would like to perform a c++ round trip on an embedded source directory:

1. import a C++ project, display its package and class diagrams

2. perform changes on UML

3. generate updates on my existing code (not generating new files, and there a files with multiple classes).

4. Additionally, in class diagrams of packages, I would like to display classes from other packages that are related to these classes (for example, parent classes)

- Is round trip (1-3) possible? how?

- is (4) possible?


20 January 2022 12:32:27 Ilan

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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 21 January 2022 8:56:42


unfortunately, the round trip with updating the files with multiple classes (as they were) is not yet possible. SIM can generate only a file per class or a file per diagram.

The proposed features will be analyzed for implementation in one of the next releases.

Related classes from other namespaces cannot be included automatically after source code import, but you can include them manually using drag&drop or copy&paste. SIM supports multiple instances of a single element (class) on multiple diagrams.

Ilan 23 January 2022 8:02:33


Thank you!

Can you please point me to the instructions on how to make a correct round trip, the assumptions regarding the source code and the generation options?


Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 24 January 2022 9:27:56


You're welcome!

The assumptions are as follows:

  • Each class should be in a separate file
  • The file should have the same name as the class

I want to point out that the current version process only the structure. So it supports only partial round trip. If there are some references to classes in the method bodies and this class name or property is changed, the original names will be preserved in the method bodies.