Restore Project Backup dialog


Sometimes when I have closed the program without errors the next time I open the same project I get a dialog titled "Restore Project Backup" with the question "There are unsaved changes from the last session. Do you want to restore these changes?".

It looks like everything was saved correctly. What could cause this error message?

28 September 2022 15:49:35 De Ruiter Automatiseringsdiensten

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Dusan Rodina - 28 September 2022 16:14:44


It may happen if the feature Auto backup on close is on. You can find it in the Options (Save tab / Auto backup group / Auto backup on close). If something is changed after the last save and you close the program without saving (e. g. you click on the No for Save confirmation prompt when closing the app).

There is also a backup process that creates a project backup file every few minutes (10 minutes by default). If a backup file is newer than the actual project file, the software offers you to restore the backup.

We will revisit this process to make it less confusing.