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Hi there,

how can I generate the imperative part of python code from Activity Diagrams or State Charts?

I see how Class Diagram data is taken to create all the headers and the body area, either.

But I don't see how I can integrate that static aspects with the dynamic perspectives. Classes aren't running software ;-)

So I expected some way to connect methods with Actions or Activities (... or States) and an approach to model control flows for the execution of my software.

How can I do this? (... can I???)


2 June 2023 17:19:56 Michael Gellner

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Dusan Rodina - 2 June 2023 22:57:06


Hi Michael,

Currently, the pre-defined templates for source code generation by state machine diagrams are available only to C#. We can add support for similar code generation for Python in one of the next versions.