How to make protect Derived(class)?


Simple inheritance class with protected status as done? I get only the public ... Although the property is set protected... An example would be helped.

9 July 2015 9:35:01 Murman

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Dusan Rodina - 9 July 2015 11:22:49

If you want to change visibility (protected/package/public) of a class, selected the class, use menu Element/Modifiers and choose the new visibility.

If this doesn't work for you, please, let me know also which programming language/template do you use for the source code generation.

Murman 9 July 2015 12:02:35



Dusan Rodina - 9 July 2015 20:02:38

Current version supports only simple public inheritance for C++. Other options (multiple inheritances, type of inheritance as public, protected, private) will be added soon in the next release. You will be able to control the type of the inheritance by setting the desired visibility to the generalization.