Reengineering the test.



For interest, I applied to the input of your system Software Ideas entire oiled iron project, where based on existing classes Quantum Leaps

 his classes were created. In the process of engineering I found that not working correctly import the source code ("Add Folder"). This is solved by means of "Add file".

I am convinced that is not visible inheritance from library classes, and lost in the diagram as classes namespaces QV, QEP, QPSET8 .... They are on good terms, it was necessary to represent the packages.

The test suite, where I put all the files sent to you in the mail. I have changed include <> to include "".

4 August 2015 12:00:47 Murman

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Dusan Rodina - 5 August 2015 7:55:29


Thank you for your feedback and your example send by e-mail.

The non-working button 'Add Folder' will be fixed. I will also analyze the problem with the source code parser and fix it as soon as possible.