Hierarchichal Task Analysis Diagram


All the instances of 'task' that I create, have a digit '1' in the bottom right-hand corner. Can you tell me what that represents/means? To get rid of it, I have tried 'Associate New Diagram', create links to parent task and child task, and every tab under 'Properties', but the '1' is still there.

Secondly, can you tell me what the 'Plan' object represents and how it is used?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

12 September 2015 13:33:48 Nick

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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 13 September 2015 22:21:22

The number in the right bottom corner represents the number of task/subtask. It is filled automatically. The task gets number 1. The first subtask has number 1.1, the second subtask has 1.2. One diagram should contain an analysis of only one task (so only one task should have the number 1).

You can use the Plan tool to connect a task with its subtask - select Plan tool, move cursor over a task, click and hold the left mouse button, move to another task and release the button. You can add a textual description to the created plan, when you double click on it.

You can find more information about HTA here: