Hierarchical Task Analysis


Hi Doosan.

Thank you for answering my previous question so quickly. I have now successfully created a diagram hierarchy, but that leads me to a further question, regarding navigation within the hierarchy.

Using the Plan feature, I have created an HTA diagram (HTAD1) consisting of a top-level task (Task1) and two subtasks (Task2 and Task3).

I have linked Task2 to a lower level HTA diagram (HTAD2), containing the further decomposition of Task2, in which the top-level task is created as a new instance of Task2. On HTAD1, this link is denoted by a blue 'link' arrow. When I click that arrow, I see a popup window headed 'Associated Diagrams' which contains a thumbnail of diagram HTAD2.

If I double click on that thumbnail, diagram HTAD2 is opened for editing. On that diagram, Task2 is associated with a blue 'link' arrow, as above, and a white cross in a blue circle. If I click on the 'cross' icon, I see a popup window headed 'Element References' which contains subtrees for diagrams HTAD1 (the parent) and HTAD2 (the subtask diagram itself), with x,y co-ords identifying the positions of the two instances of Task2 on the respective diagrams.

Can you tell me what is the purpose of the entries HTAD1 and HTAD2? I thought I might be able to open the parent diagram by clicking on the text 'HTAD1', but that action only collapses/expands the subtree. Is there any way to navigate to the parent diagram, other than by naming the diagrams so that the diagram names themselves denote their positions in the hierarchy ?

I have tried to solve this problem by reading the online help section 'One Element in Multiple Diagrams', and examining the example PageBuider.simp, but without success.



15 September 2015 12:32:56 Nick

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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 15 September 2015 22:03:14

Hi Nick,

You are right about navigation using a popup window 'Element References', it should work exactly as you expected, but there is a bug, which was caused by some changes made after introducing this feature. It will be fixed soon. Thank you for your notice.