<source-codes> did not loaded


Hi, Dusan!

9.01.5793.15162 x64

In ActivityDiagram, I have created Class1.

In Class1 properties dialog I choose tab "Source code", and create 2 new languages: "1C" and "Text".

For both languages I fill some data.

After pressing Ctrl+S (after project saving) I see in file:


<source-code language="ActionScript" />

<source-code language="1С">// Код на 1С

Если (А &gt; 0) Тогда



<source-code language="Xsd" />

<source-code language="Text">Если число А больше 0 тогда сообщить пользователю; </source-code>


So, data is saved.

But when I close project and open it again, tab "Source code" in Class1 properties dialog is empty.

Seems, data not loaded from file.

Tnank you

17 November 2015 15:05:16 Gorky

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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 17 November 2015 16:54:12

Hi Gorky,

Thank you for your notice. I fixed this bug in the new version 9.05.