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How can I create UML diagrams from C# code ?

6 October 2016 10:30:13 Ionas

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Dusan Rodina - 6 October 2016 21:10:59

There are two ways:

  • If you have shorter code, you can use Parser sidebar, which allows you to insert classes to open diagram. Parser sidebar can be shown using ribbon View/Window/Sidebars/Parser - more info here:
  • If you want to create a diagram from multiple files, choose ribbon Process/Reverse Engineering/Source Code

Tester 28 December 2016 15:28:59

Reverse Engineering Class hierarchy?

I have imported the my C# folder source codes. I do see the classes got created based on the source codes. Does the program also automatically figure out the class hierarchy relationship? Thanks.

Tester 28 December 2016 15:36:40

Re: Reverse Engineering Class hierarchy?

Sorry, I imported the wrong folder. It does show class hierarchy with C# reverse engineering. Is it possible for the program to figure out the association, dependency, usage relationship between classes? Thanks.

Dusan Rodina - 28 December 2016 21:34:54

Associations - e.g. composition and aggregation are supported. If they are not included, please try the latest version of Software Ideas Modeler.

Dependencies and usage relationships are not yet supported.

Tester 29 December 2016 1:13:15

Is a plan in the next few release to include support for dependency and usage relationship? I just bought the ultimate edition two days ago. So far it is a great modeling software.

Dusan Rodina - 30 December 2016 12:55:43

Resolving of these relationships will be certainly included in one of next releases, but it may need some time, because it is a more complex feature as it may seem.

Thank you for your positive words.