bpmn import/export to sql DDL instruction


Hi, I am novice on your tool, could you tell me if it is possible.

a) Import a BPMN (xml) document to be diagrammed on your tool ?

b) Is it possible that from a BPMN diagram designed on your tool generate SQL instructions (example: I define a swimlane and I generate an insert into table (values )=?)

7 April 2017 8:25:53 Luis Hernandez

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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 8 April 2017 9:58:35


Currently, only BPMN export is implemented (File/Export/Export To BPMN XML). BPMN import is planned for the future versions.

Unfortunately, the generation of SQL instruction from BPMN diagrams is also not yet possible. It was added to list of planned features.

Thank you for your suggestions.