Is it possible to pre-define Tagged Values?


Hello, I have a question on UML diagram modelling.

Let's say I'm creating a class diagram. I need to apply two pieces of information on most of the attributes of my classes. The 1st piece of information is whether that attribute's value is required and the 2nd piece of information is the maximum length (if the type of that attribute is String). To accomplish this for every attribute that I create I do this:

1. Display its properties.

2. Go to Tagged Values tab.

3. Click Add to add a new Tagged Value.

4. Type Tag name which is always "Required".

5. Change type to "Enumerated Value".

6. Create two enumerations - Yes and No.

7. Click the desired enumeration.

8. Click Add to add a new Tagged Value.

9. Type "MaxLength" for Tag name.

10. Change Type to Integer.

11. Change the value to e.g., 15, then click OK.

Now I have 2 tagged values applied to my attribute. Now if I add another attribute to my class, I have to go through the above steps 1 - 11 again. It would be great if I could pre-define these two tagged values and then I would just choose them from the list. Is this possible?

Thank you.

23 October 2017 11:27:01 Vladimír Gregor

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Dusan Rodina - 23 October 2017 12:45:21


It is possible this way:

1. Open 'Process' ribbon tab

2. Click on 'Tagged Values' in 'Lists' group

3. Select 'Attribute (attribute)' from 'Element type' drop down list

4. Now you can add/edit the default tagged values for class attribute

5. After confirming the dialog, all attributes will have the pre-defined tagged values, you added

Vladimír Gregor 23 October 2017 13:59:46


Hello Dusan,

thank you very much. Your advice was quite helpful. I have now added the "Required" Tagged Value to "Attribute" elements and it has automatically applied to all attributes. The other tagged value though - "MaxLength" - I wish to apply this only to attributes of "String" type. But I guess I will have to do this manually for every attribute, right?

Thank you. So far - your product is great and I think that a product like this has been missing on the market quite a lot. Microsoft's Visio is nowhere as powerful as yours.