How do i an attribute a foreign key?


I'm trying to create a class diagram. Although I can't figure out how to make an attribute a foreign key. Can you step by step or DETAILED directions on how I can do this? I have software ideas modeler 6.75.

19 March 2018 17:09:50 Yoseph

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Dusan Rodina - 19 March 2018 17:25:25

If you want to design a data model - more appropriate diagram is Entity Relationship diagram. You can right click on an attribute and set it as primary key or foreign key.

In case of UML class diagram, there is no standard way to define primary key or foreign key. However you can set unique modifier {id} to primary key attributes (unique modifier was not supported in version 6.x, I recommend you to use newer version, the latest version is 11.51).

You can also set «PK» or «FK» stereotypes to attributes. The simplest way is to click on attribute name to edit it and then type «PK» or <<PK>> just before the attribute name.