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Dear Sir or Madame

1)Is there any way to set default behaviour for connection as Locks -> "Unlock both ends"?

It drives me mad to change it every time I add new relation ship between elements or have to select all and then change it manually.


2)Is there any way to change shortcuts assigned to toolbar?

3)Is there any shourtcut that allows me to open element properties without need for clicking it twice? For short line sometimes my clicks are intercepted by line label and I am unable to get to properties of this line.

Yours faithfully,

Patry Kiełb

21 October 2019 9:50:18 Patryk Kiełb

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Dusan Rodina - 22 October 2019 8:44:51

Dear Mr. Kiełb,

1) Unfortunately, there is not such settings now. It will be added in one of next versions.

It works in the following way - if the relationship end is near the target element border, it will be locked. If the relationship end is over middle part of the target element, it will be not locked.

2) Yes, it is possible. Please open the Options dialog - available from the ribbon menu File/Options or the classic menu Tools/Options. There are 3 tabs in this dialog: Ribbon, Menu and Toolbars, where you can set the shortcut keys for any button in ribbon, menu or toolbar. Find the desired item in the right panel, click to "New" text box in the Shortcut Keys group (under the panel) and press the key combination you want to assign to the selected menu/toolbar/ribbon item.

3) Yes, it is possible as it is described in the point 2) In the right panel search for "ElementProperties" and assign any shortcut keys you want (e.g. F8).

I would like to notice that lately a bug was discovered when saving the key shortcuts. It will be fixed in the next release. However there is a workaround - before saving the shortcut keys create an empty (or any content) file ShortcutKeys.xml.saving on the path "C:\Users\{Your_user_profile_name}\AppData\Roaming\DusanRodina\SoftwareIdeasModeler\Environment". Then it should be possible to save the new shortcut keys. I apologize for this inconvinience. The new version should be released this week.

Patryk Kiełb 22 October 2019 9:15:19


Dear Mr.Rodina

I appreciate quick response.

I believe we can consider this thread closed.

Your sincerely

Patryk Kiełb