Glossary not accessible...


Hi folks

Win 10 Pro, 64 Bit

SIM 12. 01.xxxx

When selecting Project / Glossary, the Glossary window is opened, but does not allow to add, edit or delete any glossary terms. The respective buttons on top are not visible and controls look greyed out.

Thanks for checking!

Kind regards Charles

P.S: Otherwise a great sofrware!

22 December 2019 18:38:38 Charles

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Dusan Rodina - 22 December 2019 19:07:38

Hi Charles,

Thank you very much for your positive evaluation.

The Glossary item (and some others) were mistakenly included into the menus in lower editions of the software. That's why some items in menus may seem non-working or they may open a window with disabled features. This issue will be solved in the next relase. Thank you for your notice.

Charles 23 December 2019 14:47:09

RE: Glossary not accessible..

Hi Dusan

Thanks for the clarification!

Ah, OK - another reason to go for a paid licence then :-)