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24 March 2013 16:39:18

Dusan Rodina - 20 October 2010 23:52:50

RE: XMI Export


XMI export will be supported soon. I hope within one month.

EDIT: XMI export is supported from version 4.70.

Job 20 October 2010 9:09:07

Turn of labels of relationships

I would like to have the ability to turn of the labels of al relationships. Sometimes it is very annoying that I have to pull away the labels before being able to move around my association between two classes.

Job 20 October 2010 9:34:56

RE: Turn of labels of relationships

Imagine this with multiple associations related to a class. Trying to align multiple associations to one line is very hard.

Dusan Rodina - 26 October 2010 2:44:07

RE: RE: Turn of labels of relationships

Try version 4.50. There is an option Show Relationship Texts in menu Element. You can select an association, press CTRL-T (for selection of all associations) and then use Element>Show Relationship Texts - so will be all text fields hidden.

26 October 2010 9:28:59

RE: RE: RE: Turn of labels of relationships

Awesome, you're my hero of the day :D

jon newcomb 19 October 2010 17:48:13

Very good software.. It needs some documentation, but I agree, its very time consuming - and who reads the manual anyway?

So instead, what about putting together some screencasts to show the steps to create each diagram. Who knows.. to my encourage more people to use this tool.

I never did work out how to put entry / exit actions in my superstate.. maybe seeing a screencast would tell me how to do this.. or if my preconceived idea of a statemachine is different from what a true UML 2 state chart should look like.

Thanks for the time you put into developing this software..

Dusan Rodina - 19 October 2010 21:03:22


Thank you. I will try to gradually improve the documentation and add some tutorials, too.

Actions cannot be edited for composite states in the current version of SIM, but I will change it for the better in the next version.

TeeAda 7 October 2010 3:43:56

SIM4.0 Error report

OS: WindowXP SP3

1.Side bar tab TO-DO when not yet define task and click column complete then error

2. Reverse engineering import database when click load table befor add connection string then error

3. Entity Relationship when add entity or import from DB and then click tool relation and click diagram will error


1.When importing a database table. Should be sorted by name

Dusan Rodina - 7 October 2010 23:42:16

RE: SIM4.0 Error report

All of these problems has been resolved in version 4.02.

Georgi 6 October 2010 15:57:18

Problem opening simp file in SIM 4.00


I am using for some time SIM and I thing it is a good tol.

But I have a problem after upgrading to version 4.00 - when opening an existing project (simp file) I receive a message The file is corrupted or has a bad format.

SIM 3.42 opens the project without problems.

Is there some convertion to performe before opening the file in SIM 4.00?

Dusan Rodina - 7 October 2010 0:02:19

RE: Problem opening simp file in SIM 4.00


problem is now solved in version 4.01. Thanks for reporting.

Sasch 23 September 2010 16:04:42

File corrupted

Hi is it possible to repair a corrupted simp-file?

Dusan Rodina - 23 September 2010 16:18:12

RE: File corrupted


when you send me (if you can) this file to the official e-mail ( or, I can analyze this file and try to fix it.

Sasch 23 September 2010 16:43:01

RE: RE: File corrupted

yes I'll do thank you very much...

it's hard to make new diagrams because they are too many in this file...

Greg 22 September 2010 6:15:52

Extension points

Is is possible to add the Extension point notation on Use Cases?

-- originally posted in the 'General' forum, sorry for incorrect post category --

Dusan Rodina - 23 September 2010 16:21:53

RE: Extension points

Not now, but it will be possible in the new version of application.

Adrian 12 September 2010 22:00:42


Version: 3.39.3860.787 on Windows 7

Looks good your modeling tool. One Question:

When I want to define parameters for operations i have only a few basic types for selection (uml.string, uml.integer usw.). How and where can i define all the other types from c# language like IList, IEnumerable, Guid usw.? What about generic types like IList<T>?

Thank you


Dusan Rodina - 23 September 2010 16:23:40



version 4.0 will have improved work with types.

Hugo Arce 27 August 2010 15:00:31


Buenos dias

Me gustaria saber como descargar un paquete de lenguaje para que el Software Ideas Modeler este en castellano.

Muchas gracias.

My English is very bad

Good days

I want know where i can unload a package of language for the Software ideas Modeler be in Castilian or Spanish.

Thank you very much.

Dusan Rodina - 30 August 2010 13:11:58

RE: Languajes


you can send the file with localization to my e-mail:

I will publish it on this site.