SysML requirements diagram, no table view?


In order to use table view it seems that I must use the Other diagrams->Requirements diagram, because I can't find a way to toggle the SysML requirements diagram between table and diagram views?

3 May 2013 14:05:56 Tomas Sandkvist

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Dusan Rodina - 3 May 2013 23:03:14

You're right. This option is not available for SysML diagram. I can add it in one of next releases.

Markus 8 July 2014 13:49:29

Requirement table

Hello, this feature seems interesting to me as well. If it isn't implemented yet, is there a possibility to use "Generate Documentation" to create such a table. How must the "code" for that purpose look like?

Is there a template for that?

Dusan Rodina - 8 July 2014 21:11:47

RE: Requirement table


It's not yet possible. I'll work on it.