Showing the model to a colleague..


..who bought SIM just recently. And he did not have the same collection of styles as I have (and I have used the Simple style that was not in his list)? Did try to export from me and import this style at his installation, but didn't work?

We both have SIM professional 6.20

3 July 2013 7:23:59 Tomas Sandkvist

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Dusan Rodina - 3 July 2013 9:18:06

The Simple style was present in version 5, in version 6 it was removed (I will bring it back). You are right about the import (Project/Style Set/Style Manager/More/Import), there was a problem. I prepared a hot fix for you:



This fix will be part of next official release.

Tomas Sandkvist 3 July 2013 12:25:05

Hotfix not working

Sorry to say, but the hotfix seems not to give the ability to import a style exported with SIM 6.20 (without hotfix). And, since the Simple style is not in the hotfix, I cannot try to export either. Neither does the Simple style show up if I open a project where it is used.

Dusan Rodina - 3 July 2013 23:45:32

I apologize, I tried a little bit different scenario as you described, which incidentally worked.

Here is the correct fix for your case:



I added also Simple style set and fix the bug #261, you reported. The next official version will contain these fixes and also some others.

Tomas Sandkvist 5 July 2013 7:37:13


This was a though one... We were not able to import the simple style from 6.20, and the simple style was NOT showing up in the style list when we open the project that uses it.

Nevertheless, the model is now DISPLAYED using the simple style, which is good enough for now.