Sequence Diagram - Object lost Operation/method


Hi. i create a class B with a method/operation "DoSomething".I make a sequence diagram with this class. So, i create a call from the class A to B; select the method listed ("DoSomething").

Save and Close the project.

Open de project, go to the sequence diagram and... the operation is "()".

This occurs sometimes, at any class and i cannot safe this error!!!

Help me please.


30 October 2013 2:36:44 Federico

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Dusan Rodina - 30 October 2013 23:55:36

This problem may occur when you delete and re-add the operation - then the link from operation to sequence diagram will be lost. It can be caused also by the Fast Editor, which recreates attributes and operation after editing. I will analyze possible solutions and implement improvements, which prevent the problem you described.

Federico 31 October 2013 23:21:13


How i can fix it, at less, momentarily? rebuild the call? the entity?

anyway it is a wonderfull SW!!

Thank you.

Dusan Rodina - 1 November 2013 15:06:50


Unfortunately, currently there is only one way - you have to manually select the method for the call again. I will work on improvements which avoid the unwanted unbinding of calls.

Thank you!