Entity Relationship & SQL Types


If I create a new project and create an entity relationship diagram, with the intent of using it for database definition, it does not have the standard SQL types available for attribute definition.

Now, if I take a new project and reverse engineer a database all the types, regardless of if they are actually used in the reverse engineered table now show up in the types for attribute definition.

My question is: Is there a way to load these types by default into a new project without having to reverse engineer an existing database?

(I like to define my database structure in the tool before actually building it, especially since most of my databases end up being an embedded format such as SQLite or VistaDB and not SQL).

2 November 2013 0:43:31 Chris Sonon

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Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 2 November 2013 21:01:32

Yes, it is possible. Use the menu Tools/Lists/Types to open Types window and check 'MS SQL' item in the Type Sets list.

You can also create a custom type set (using 'New Type Set' button) and then use it in any project.

Chris Sonon 3 November 2013 0:01:45


Awesome, thank you!