Associating elements from different models


Associating elements

I read the tutorial on how to associate elements from different diagrams. (Associated diagrams and relationships between their elements). The instructions made use of packages. I'm wondering does this defeat the purpose of having the function that allows for associating an element with a diagram by right clicking on the element? What is the difference?

23 March 2014 20:42:48 Carl Edwards

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Dusan Rodina - 23 March 2014 21:33:37

This tutorial shows how to model relationship between two elements of two diagrams. There are used packages and each package has assigned a diagram. It is a special case.

However, the same principle can be used also without packages. You can have two diagrams and you can create another diagram, where you drag elements from both diagrams and model relationships between these elements. In other words, you can create a part of entire model in one diagram, another part in second diagram and then you can model some relationships between elements from first and second diagram in the third diagram.

The whole model, elements and relationships are stored independently from diagrams. Each diagram shows another part of this whole model. Mostly each element is used only in a single diagram. However, the design of Software Ideas Modeler allows you to create more complex models and create diagrams with reused elements.

Maybe I could prepare another tutorial which will explain this topic more in depth.