Japanese Input Method


I want to use Japanese Input Method (IM) at all "Document" fields in this application, but I can't (in other fields I can use IM directly).

I can copy&paste Japanese sentences in "Document" field by using certain text editor, but I want to use directly.

I consider buying this application if enabled!

25 March 2014 4:05:52 Tomohisa Iwanaga

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Tomohisa Iwanaga 25 March 2014 5:34:08

I'm sorry. Not "Document" but "Documentation".

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 25 March 2014 10:14:47

I will analyze it and implement it as soon as possible.

Tomohisa Iwanaga 25 March 2014 11:15:37


I'm looking forward to it !