Add Constructor to UML Class

A constructor is a procedure called to create a class. This tutorial shows you how to add a constructor to a class in your UML diagram easily.

What is a Constructor in UML Class Diagram?

A constructor is an operation within a UML class. It is annotated with «create» stereotype. A constructor is a special operation (or method) that is used to initialize a class instance. A constructor may be parameterless or it may include a list of parameters that have to be set to initialize a class instance properly.

How to Add a Constructor?

  1. Select a class to which you want to add a constructor.
  2. Click on Add Constructor in the context bar.
  3. New Constructor dialog will show. In the dialog, choose the attributes you want to include in the constructor as its parameters.
  4. Click on OK to confirm the dialog and insert the new constructor.
Add a contructor to UML class
Add Contructor to UML Class

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