Universal Process Notation (UPN)

Universal Process Notation (UPN) is diagramming notation for representing business processes.

It depicts the process as a flow of boxes connected with arrowed lines. UPN provides hierarchical breakdowns. This way the processes can be described on various levels of detail. A process is usually described using multiple nested diagrams with UPN.

A process or a process step is represented by a rounded box. The main text (displayed in the first, usually largest compartment) expresses the essence of the action (or simply what happens). The comportments below list the responsible entities (who are responsible for the process step). You can add attachments to each process step. The process steps with associated attachments are marked with a paperclip in the right corner. If the process step includes details in a nested diagram, the down arrow is displayed in the left corner of the box.

The connector text says when the given path in the process is used.

You can add a nested UPN diagram using Add Sub Process Map button in the context bar.

UPN Diagram
UPN Diagram

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