What is UML used for?

UML is used for designing of various software aspects. It provides a notation for structure and behavior modeling. There are 7 structure diagrams and 7 behavior diagrams.

UML is used mainly for software system design. The systems include web applications, banking and financial services, telecommunications, web services, scientific systems, and others.

UML may also be useful in other non-software areas as:

  • hardware
  • biomedical engineering (BME)
  • legal systems
  • enterprise workflows

UML diagrams describe:

  • structure using packages, components, classes and artifacts
  • internal structure
  • system requirements using use cases
  • relationships between model elements
  • communication between modules and system parts
  • system and entity states
  • timing of events
UML Diagram Types
UML Diagram Types

UML is used for:

  • software system design
  • documentation
  • communication between the software team and the client
  • communication within the software team

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