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24 March 2013 16:39:18

JKSH 3 September 2012 2:29:54

RE: Parallel arrows after a fork

Ah, I just found the little black circle I can use to drag the arrow. :)

Tomas Sandkvist 13 August 2012 2:32:43

Making fragments move with lifelines

It appears to me that a fragment inserted into a sequence diagram has no structural relationship with lifelines, activation bars etc. It only becomes an overlay that I manually must resize and move whenever I need to add or remove actions from lifelines. Or is there some hidden trick I have yet to discover?

Dusan Rodina - 13 August 2012 12:50:30

RE: Making fragments move with lifelines

You are right. This needs to be improved. I will add it to my task list.

Tim Curtis 3 August 2012 0:13:30

Export to image

Excellent program - I've been searching for a replacement for our ancient software design tool and may have just found it.

One problem - when I export a data flow diagram to a jpeg/bmp/giff, the background comes out black. Obviously, this isn't much good as it hides all the data flows and doesn't look too good. Export to .png is OK when I paste it into Word but again the background is black when I open it in Windows picture/fax viewer. Wmf and pdf seem to work OK.

It's running on WinXP SP3.

Dusan Rodina - 3 August 2012 2:13:30

RE: Export to image

Thank you!

The problem with black background is caused by checked Transparent option in Background group of Export Setting dialog. Only some file formats (PNG, GIF, EMF, WMF, SVG) support transparent background. If you uncheck the Transparent checkbox, you can set your own color for background.

Maybe I should add some info about it to this dialog or change the default setting to non-transparent background. Thanks for your notice.

Tim Curtis 3 August 2012 2:25:00

RE: RE: Export to image

Thanks - I can export it OK now. One suggestion I have would be to set default export options, as it gets reset to PNG and transparent each time I export. Or if it remembered the previous settings, that would save alot of time.

Insa 11 July 2012 10:52:08

Sequencediagram error


I have made a quite complex sequence diagram and it worked quite well, until now. All of a sudden, I can see the sequencediagram when I open it, but the preview doesn't work, I can't print it (only a blank page is printed) and when i want to export it, it's either only one pixel which is shown as image or (as PDF) I get the error that width and height mustn't be negative.

What is wrong? I haven't even changed anyhting... =(

I hope my sequencediagram is not hopelessly lost!

Pleas help me!



Dusan Rodina - 11 July 2012 11:13:22

RE: Sequencediagram error


would you please send me (to some example diagram, where this problem occurs? Otherwise it will be very hard for me to find out what is wrong.

Samuell 18 June 2012 3:36:33


I would like to ask, how is the teamwork support of SIMP - team of more users working at the one project in one time. You have to manage users, lock, repository - i didn't find any information about this? Is it supported?



Said 16 April 2012 3:34:28

Control of text wrapping

First of I would like to thank you for an excellent program. Especially like that you added shortcuts to the last version, since I don’t like to use the mouse at all.

Now to my question: How can I turn of text wrapping for long words. I am creating a State Machine Diagram and it wraps my pre-post condition text for a Transition element even thought it would in one line between the elements the transition is drawn between.

I tried to find a text wrapping option in the Style section but couldn’t find any. Would be nice to have one where you could specifically state how long the text should be before wrapping. Example having it taking a using integer using 0 for no wrapping and then the number of text before wrapping should occur. And have a checkbox alongside it when it is checked then the number specified is used, otherwise an automatic behavior will be used.

The automatic behavior only wraps text if it can’t fit on the line between the elements.

Dusan Rodina - 17 April 2012 1:04:53

RE: Control of text wrapping

Thank you for your positive evaluation.

I will improve text wrapping in the next release.

Patrick Philips 8 April 2012 6:48:28

Sequence Diagrams

Hello Dusan,

I have the following questions with regard to Sequence Diagrams:

1. The Name field cannot be displayed; will this be fixed with the integration of the "hot-fix" you did for me with respect to showing Port Names?

2. How do I show loop and guard conditions on Loop, Opt, Alt etc. Fragments? ... I cannot seem to find any option to do this.

3. How do I show alternate branches in the alt Fragment ? ... there does not seem to be any way of displaying the usual dotted dividing line for the branches or the guard condition for each branch.

Thanks for your help.


Patrick Philips 8 April 2012 8:24:47

RE: Sequence Diagrams

Hello Dusan,

Just to let you know I have found the "Add interaction Operand" on the Fragment elements which resolves my questions 2 and 3, so I am OK with those.

So, just my question 1. about the display of the name field remains.



Dusan Rodina - 9 April 2012 13:48:02

RE: RE: Sequence Diagrams

Hello Patrick,

what exactly element of sequence diagram, which doesn't display its name, do you mean?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Patrick Philips 11 April 2012 17:12:37

RE: RE: RE: Sequence Diagrams

Hello Dusan,

It was the name on the Fragment Blocks. I know this doesn't really conform with UML 2.x but I saw it in the properties menu for the Fragment and thought I could use it as a descriptive field for the Fragment block.



Patrick Philips 3 April 2012 12:04:11

Cannot display Port Name, ID etc

Hello Dusan,

I have a licensed Ultimate version 5.11 and cannot seem to display the Port name, ID, Sterotypes, etc. I select the Port and then go to Element -> Show Parts but selecting any of the ShowID, Show Stereotype etc menu items has no effect.

Is there a way to show the Port name, ID etc ?

Thanks for your help.


Dusan Rodina - 3 April 2012 14:55:06

RE: Cannot display Port Name, ID etc

Hello Patrick,

thanks for your notice. It was not possible. I prepared a hot fix for you, which solves this problem:

This hot fix will be also the part of new release 5.12.

Patrick Philips 3 April 2012 18:16:13

RE: RE: Cannot display Port Name, ID etc

Thanks for the rapid turn-around "hot fix"; it works fine.


Patrick Philips 26 March 2012 16:54:17

Active Class representation ?


I have just started using SIMP and am considering purchasing the Ultimate version. I do however have one question at this time; how is an active class represented ? ... is it as per the UML 2.x spec with the double line box ?

If it is available how do I set it from the class properties? I couldn't find anything in the menus or the properties !

Thanks for your help.


Dusan Rodina - 27 March 2012 3:17:09

RE: Active Class representation ?


active classes are not yet supported, but I will implement them in next version (5.11), which will be released within a week.