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Application Software Ideas Modeler is a tool for the creation of UML diagrams and modeling software.

Application Software Ideas Modeler is a tool for the creation of UML (UML is the industry standard general purpose modeling language for software engineering) diagrams and modeling software. It supports 6 types of UML diagrams: Class Diagram, Use Case Diagram, State Chart Diagram, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram and Deployment Diagram.

Various ways of control allow intuitive and fast creating of charts. New elements can be inserted by dragging them from the toolbar on the left, or by selecting a certain tool and a subsequent double-clicking on the chart area. The element can be inserted also with the exact dimensions – clicking on the free area of the diagram and dragging to determine the dimensions of the new element.

Software Ideas Modeler allows to display the grid and snap to it. It supports various types of automatic alignment of diagram elements. Diagram can be zoomed. There are also implemented the standard functions as undo/redo and work with clipboard.

The final diagrams can be exported to multiple image formats - vector format EMF and bitmap format PNG. Very useful features of Software Ideas Modeler can be automatic scrolling, symbolic editing of elements or automatic size adjustment of the elements. The tool has support for source code generating (only to C# language in this version).

The application is available in two languages - English and Slovak. .NET Framework 3.5. must be installed to run the application.

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