Time Estimation Diagram and More Than 50 Other Improvements in Software Ideas Modeler 14.50

Software Ideas Modeler 14.50 is here, boasting over 50 new features and improvements designed to enhance the user experience and streamline project management. The highlight of this release is the innovative Time Estimation Diagram, a visual tool that revolutionizes task time estimation and management.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.40: A Closer Look at New Features and Enhancements

Software Ideas Modeler continues to evolve with its latest release, version 14.40, bringing a series of significant updates and improvements that enhance its usability and functionality for developers and designers.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.31 - Quick Fix

Software Ideas Modeler 14.31 comes as a quick fix to the preceding version 14.30. The update encompasses a series of crucial fixes aimed at enhancing the stability and usability of the software.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.30 Elevates Diagramming Experience with 70+ New Improvements

Software Ideas Modeler has unveiled its latest version, 14.30, introducing an impressive suite of 70+ new features, enhancements, and bug fixes aimed at streamlining the diagramming process and enhancing user productivity. This update marks a significant leap forward, emphasizing improvements in usability, functionality, and user interface. The focus has been placed on refining the diagramming experience, with notable enhancements in the UML Sequence Diagrams, ease of element insertion, and diagram customization.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.20: Interactive HTML Diagram Export, Improved Custom Diagramming, Feature Model Diagrams, and Rust Support

This update unveils almost 50 innovative features,enhancements and fixes. The article explores significant improvements introduced in this version, highlighting advancements in diagram export, custom diagramming, element hierarchy creation, E-R diagramming, and programming language support, among others. Additionally, this release introduces a new diagram type – the Feature Model Diagram, further expanding the software's capabilities.

Elaborate Your Ideas with 2024-Ready Diagramming Tool - Software Ideas Modeler 14.10

Software Ideas Modeler, the renowned diagramming and modeling software, has released its latest update, version 14.10, packed with a host of new features and improvements. This update focuses on enhancing user experience, adding flexibility, and introducing innovative tools that cater to a wide range of diagramming needs.

Enhanced Layer Management and Mind Map Handling in Software Ideas Modeler 14.09

Dive into a more efficient and intuitive design experience with the latest update of Software Ideas Modeler, version 14.09. Featuring improved layer handling and mind map editing, this version is another step forward in streamlining your modeling workflow. Discover the new enhancements and fixes that make Software Ideas Modeler more user-friendly and robust than ever before!

Software Ideas Modeler 14.08

Software Ideas Modeler 14.08 brings a few more critical issues.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.07 - Enhanced Usability and Stability

This update introduces a series of improvements and fixes, enhancing both the functionality and user experience of the software. In this article, we'll present what is new in Software Ideas Modeler 14.07.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.06

Software Ideas Modeler 14.06 addresses six newly identified issues. This update enhances the application's stability and resolves several defects in dark mode.

Elevating User Experience and AI Integration - Software Ideas Modeler 14.05

The recent release of version 14.05 brings a series of enhancements and fixes to streamline the user experience further. It improves UML class diagram to ERD, AI capabilities, Find Results window, and general stability.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.02 - Enhanced Field Editing in Diagram Editor

The latest release of Software Ideas Modeler offers advanced field editing and navigation for ERD relationships, associations, and UML pins. This update further bolsters software stability by addressing and resolving multiple issues.

Software Ideas Modeler 14.01

Software Ideas Modeler 14.01 fixes the first bugs found in the new major version.

Redefining Visual Modeling with Software Ideas Modeler 14 - New Diagrams, Dynamic Data, AI, DPI per Monitor

We are thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated Software Ideas Modeler Version 14, packed with groundbreaking enhancements. This major release unveils a host of new diagram types, catering to a broad spectrum of modeling needs.

Diagramming Experience with Enhanced Usability - Software Ideas Modeler 13.99

The release of Software Ideas Modeler version 13.99 brings numerous enhancements and bug fixes that make the diagramming process more efficient. With new features like reordering groups in the toolbox and putting strokes into a separate layer, users can now customize their diagramming experience to better suit their needs. We are confident that this latest version will continue to empower users to create professional, visually appealing diagrams with ease.

Improved C++ and Python Code Parsing - Software Ideas Modeler 13.98

The newest version of Software Ideas Modeler delivers on its promise to offer an enhanced user experience with improved parsers, better folder choice dialog, and support for padding style in drawing elements. By addressing essential bug fixes, we have ensured a smoother, more efficient workflow for users.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.97 - Hotfix

This hotfix resolves the issues with auto complete and Generation sidebar resizing.

Improved Sequence Diagram and General Diagramming in Software Ideas Modeler 13.96

Software Ideas Modeler has released version 13.96 with a variety of new improvements and fixes. This latest version introduces several new features that will make working with the tool more efficient and convenient than ever before.

Improved Entity-Relationship Diagramming and More with Software Ideas Modeler 13.95

The latest version of our software modeling tool - Software Ideas Modeler 13.95 with a host of new features and improvements is available now. The new version boasts several updates, making our diagramming CASE tool even more efficient and user-friendly for developers.

YAML Open API Specification from Diagram and Improved Editors - Software Ideas Modeler 13.90

The latest version of Software Ideas Modeler, version 13.90, introduces a number of new features and improvements, one of the most notable being the added support for generating YAML Open API specifications directly from diagrams. This allows developers to easily create and maintain an accurate and up-to-date representation of their API in a visual format.

Improved Diagramming and Enhanced Code Generation - Software Ideas Modeler 13.87

The latest version of Software Ideas Modeler includes several new features and improvements, as well as a number of bug fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.86 - Hot Fix

This release fixes some new bugs.

Improved Open API and Data Modeling in Software Ideas Modeler 13.85

Software Ideas Modeler 13.85 includes various improvements in data modeling and Open API diagramming. The layout of the Properties dialog is more consistent - the edit boxes and fields are aligned better.

Improved Chart Editing - Software Ideas Modeler 13.81

Software Ideas Modeler 13.81 improves chart editing and fixes various issues in source code generation.

Open API and WSDL Service Definition Support - Software Ideas Modeler 13.80

Software Ideas Modeler 13.80 supports a bunch of service development-related features, including OpenAPI and WSDL definition reverse engineering and definition generation from diagrams.

XAML Generation for WPF and MAUI from User Interface Diagram - Software Ideas Modeler 13.70

Software Ideas Modeler 13.70 includes new templates for WPF and MAUI XAML code generation. It also improves work with model versions. The hierarchy diagram generation supports more options.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.66 - Hotfix

This hotfix solves some application crashes.

Object Pascal Types and New Protocol Buffer Template - Software Ideas Modeler 13.65

The new Software Ideas Modeler comes with a new Object Pascal type set and Protocol Buffer template. The user interface was slightly enhanced. You can notice that opening projects with many open tabs is very quick now. The stability of the application was further improved especially for long runs.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.61 - Hotfix

The new version fixes some new minor issues.

Better Dark Mode and Optimized GUI in Software Ideas Modeler 13.60

Software Ideas Modeler 13.60 brings evolutionary changes to its user interface. Dark mode is optimized through the application.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.51 - Hotfix

This release fixes three issues in Software Ideas Modeler.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.50 with Generic Types and Type Parameters, Improved UI and Better C++ Generation

The new version improves type system - the types support generics and parameters. The user interface of the application was improved - especially the tab controls in Properties dialogs. You can also find other improvements in C++, C# and VB.NET source code generation and IDEF1X diagrams.

Better Object Model Information and Navigation - Software Ideas Modeler 13.45

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler provides better information about related elements for the selected element and allows you to navigate to other related elements easily. It adds a new option to hierarchy generation - label specification for the branches. C++ source generation gets support for namespaces and pure virtual methods.

User Interface Improvements - Software Ideas Modeler 13.43

The new release enhances some details in the user interface and improves the overall stability of the software.

Improved Stability and User Interface for High DPI in Software Ideas Modeler 13.42

Some parts of the application user interface did not work correctly with higher DPI settings. The new version fixes that as well as some unexpected behaviors and crashes. You can find the details in the released notes.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.41 - Hot Fix

Software Ideas Modeler 13.41 fixed found issues.

Source Code Linking, Improved Hierarchy Generation, Better Screen Flow Diagram and More in Version 13.40

Discover more than fifty improvements in the new Software Ideas Modeler 13.40. Screen Flow Diagram supports more design options. You can navigate from reverse-engineered elements to its source code. Generated hierarchy diagrams have more layout options. The new version also includes many user interface improvements and various fixes.

Improved Source Code Parsing and Model Navigator - Software Ideas Modeler 13.35

The new version improves the Parser sidebar and overall performance of source code parsing. Model Navigator has gained support for arrow key navigation. Various bugs were fixed.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.31 - Fix Version

The new version 13.31 fixes the found bugs.

Multi-Section Documentation, Improved Diagram Editing and Source Code Generation - Software Ideas Modeler 13.30

The new version brings almost fifty improvements. It includes multi-section documentation, better source code generation, more container layout options, and improved search.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.26 - Hotfix

This hotfix solves the problem with the application crash on the Save page.

Enhanced High DPI Support and Better Source Code Generation - Software Ideas Modeler 13.25

Software Ideas Modeler 13.25 is better optimized for high DPI screens now. There are also several improvements in source code generation for Python, JSON, and C#.

TypeScript Reverse Engineering, Entity Framework Code Generation, Better JSON and Python

Software Ideas Modeler 13.20 brings various interesting improvements in reverse engineering and source code generation. It allows you to produce diagrams from TypeScript code. It can also generate Entity Framework code, better JSON schemas, and Python code.

Enhanced Diagramming Experience with Software Ideas Modeler 13.15

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings dozens of improvements and fixes in the diagram editor. You can find more helpful context actions here and improved navigation using keys.

Shortcut Keys for Context Bar and Better Diagramming - Software Ideas Modeler 13.10

The diagramming tool Software Ideas Modeler comes in a new version 13.10. It brings several improvements in the diagram editor, and it fixes the found issues.

Improved SQL, NSD, DMN and Others - Software Ideas Modeler 13.06

Apart from overall stability, the new Software Ideas Modeler improves universal SQL DDL template, mapping definition, and diagramming experience, especially in DMN and NSD.

Better Styling and Diagramming with Software Ideas Modeler 13.05

The new version enhances the capabilities of Element Details Note and improves working with N-S and IDEF1X diagrams. An easier way of name styling was introduced. Also, some inconsistencies in style applying were fixed.

Improved User Interface Diagram and Synchronization to SI Server - Software Ideas Modeler 13.03

The new version brings small improvements to user interface diagrams, improves the Field context tab in the ribbon and fixes the found bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.02 - Improved Chart Editing

The new version brings several fixes and improvements, mainly in chart editing.

Software Ideas Modeler 13.01 - Rotation and Other Fixes

The new version fixes issues mainly regarding rotation and IDEF1X diagrams.

Software Ideas Modeler 13 with 13 New Diagram Types

We want to present you a new major version – Software Ideas Modeler 13. A lot of notable new features are introduced. There are more than 120 improvements. Hopefully, these will be found useful by you, our users, and they will help you design better diagrams and models faster and easier.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.96 - Hot Fix

The new release fixes reported bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.95 - Fixes

Software Ideas Modeler 12.95 fixes newfound issues.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.94 - Hot Fix

Software Ideas Modeler 12.94 brings several important fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.93 - Better ERD, Connection Strings and Server Synchronization

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler improves entity-relationship diagram, connection strings handling, and synchronization with Software Ideas Server.

Other Print Improvements and Better Overall Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.92

The new Software Ideas Modeler brings other improvements to printing. You can omit the empty pages from the printed output now. The overal stability was improved once again by fixing other issues in various part of the software.

Better Printing and Improved SysML Diagramming - Version 12.91

Software Ideas Modeler 12.91 brings 17 improvements and fixes for a better diagramming experience. The new Auto printing mode ensures that the diagrams will be print by their individual page settings.

Drawing Perpendicular Connectors - Software Ideas Modeler 12.90

The new version supports drawing perpendicular connectors when holding SHIFT during their drawing. Several found bugs were fixed.

Improved Diagramming and Overall Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.89

The new Software Ideas Modeler 12.89 fixes several found bugs.

Drag & Drop Diagramming Options Improved - Software Ideas Modeler 12.88

The new version improves drag&drop options in the diagram editor and fixes multiple issues in the desktop application as well as in Software Ideas Server.

Improved Documentation Generation - Software Ideas Modeler 12.87

The new Software Ideas Modeler improves the default documentation template. It supports the requirements table and tagged values for diagrams, elements, and operations. The new version also improves general diagramming and application stability.

SQLite and General SQL DDL Script Generation, Improved Python Source Code Generation in Version 12.86

The new version 12.86 of Software Ideas Modeler enhances source code generation options for SQL and Python. It also brings some other small improvements and fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.85 - Hot Fix

The new Software Ideas Modeler 12.85 fixes reported issues.

Improved Python Code Generation and Reverse Engineering, Better Layers Panel in Software Ideas Modeler 12.84

The new version supports properties and setters in Python, parsing documentation for classes from C# code, improves Layers panel, and adds support for rounded style to more elements.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.83 - Improved Stability

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler fixes the found bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.82 - Improved C++ Source Code Parser

The new version improves C++ code reverse engineering to diagram and it fixes some other found issues.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.81 - Database Import Timeout Setting and Fixes

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings a timeout setting for the database import, and it fixes the problems with the trial and full license validation when it may be considered expired even when it is not.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.80 - Improved Diagramming and JavaScript + JS Doc Generation

The new version includes a new JavaScript code template with JS Doc support. IDEF1X Entity-relationship diagram supports dependant entities now. There are small improvements in relationship end locking and UML diagram rendering.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.79 - Improved Stability

The new Software Ideas Modeler further improves stability through several fixes. This release corrects nine issues and brings two minor improvements.

Default Element Visibility and UML Classifier Style - Software Ideas Modeler 12.78

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings useful improvements - you can show actors and other UML elements using classifier style. A new setting for default element (e.g. class) visibility.

Improved C# Source Code Parsing and Generation and Fixes - Software Ideas Modeler 12.77

The new version 12.77 adds support for C# async methods and fixes found bugs.

Improved Diagramming Experience and Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.76

The new version fixes six bugs.

Better Hierarchical Diagram Generation, Chen ERD Editor, and Souce Code Generation for C# - Software Ideas Modeler 12.75

The new Software Ideas Modeler 12.75 adds more options for hierarchical diagram generation, extends C# source code generator with other elements, and improves Chen ER diagram editor. General diagramming options were also enhanced - especially right-drag context menu behavior.

Improved ERD Editor, Element Browser and UML Communication Diagram in v.12.73

Software Ideas Modeler 12.73 further improves work with relationships and diagram editor. It brings useful features to ERD editor, Element Browser, and enhances the UML Communication Diagram and BPMN Diagrams.

Enhanced Diagram Editor and BPMN Diagramming in Version 12.72

The new Software Ideas Modeler improves several diagramming actions and makes the diagram creation a little bit more comfortable than in previous versions. The new version of the diagram editor also brings other improvements to BPMN diagrams and various fixes.

Generate JSON Schema from Diagram, Better C# and Java Source Code Generation

Software Ideas Modeler 12.71 adds new source code generation options - you can generate JSON schema from UML class diagrams. C# and Java source code generation templates support more language features. The routing of rectangular relationships was slightly improved.

Refined Diagram Editor, Flowchart Additions and New Diagramming Features

The diagramming tool Software Ideas Modeler brings a generous amount of improvements in version 12.70. The flowchart maker supports swimlanes and a new symbol - sequential access. There are new general diagramming improvements - new selection options and new layout options. Now, you can display tagged values for attributes and operations in your diagrams.

Reverse Engineering to ERD, Improved Work with Roadmaps and Grafcet - Version 12.66

Software Ideas Modeler 12.66 improves roadmap editor, Grafcet diagram editing and brings a new option for diagram reverse engineering - ER diagram generation. Editing of state regions (UML State Machine diagram) is now much better.

Better Diagram Editor and More Actions For User Stories - Software Ideas Modeler 12.65

The new version of this diagramming software brings several improvements and fixes that make work with the diagram editor more smooth.

Enhanced Diagram Editor, Easier ERD Association Entity Creation

Software Ideas Modeler 12.64 improves ER, UI, and general diagram editing features. A new type set for MySQL was added to the standard package. Now, you can convert a text element to a formatted text element.

Improved Diagramming for Containers and User Stories - Software Ideas Modeler 12.63

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler introduces a new interesting setting that allows you to pin the container headers and see the name of large containers (lifeline, swimlane, package, etc.) always. There are also a plethora of bug fixes that make the software more stable.

A Bit Better Diagramming Once Again - Software Ideas Modeler 12.62

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings a bunch of new improvements and fixes which improve the overall diagram creation experience.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.61 - Hot Fix

The new version brings a few more fixes and improves the stability of the software.

GIT Support, JavaScript to Diagram, Symbols and More Settings with Software Ideas Modeler 12.60

Software Ideas Modeler 12.60 introduces GIT support, JavaScript code reverse engineering, Symbols sidebar and more settings for the diagram editor. You may also add links and associated diagrams to attributes, operations and enumeration items now. The new version brings a lot of other small improvements and fixes.

Advanced System Analysis - Software Ideas Modeler 12.50

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler introduces three new diagram types: Event Tree Analysis (ETA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Source generation for Protocol Buffer is supported now.

Improved Style Set Editor and Fixes - Software Ideas Modeler 12.48

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler improves Style Set Editor, adds support for .NET Core project format in source code reverse engineering and fixes a lot of issues.

New Settings and Improved Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.47

The new versions brings a few new features and a lot of fixes.

UML Sequence Diagramming Further Enhanced - Software Ideas Modeler 12.46

The new version of the diagramming and modeling tool handful of fixes and enhancements.

Added JSON to Diagrams and Improved UML Sequence Diagramming - Software Ideas Modeler 12.45

The new version improves diagram editing and introduces new documentation templates. Now you can turn a JSON definition to a diagram. In addition, we have worked on overall stability.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.41 - Improved Stability

The new versions brings a lot of small enhancements and fixes.

New Wireframing Tools and Improved Diagramming - Software Ideas Modeler 12.40

The new version of the diagramming and modeling tool Software Ideas Modeler brings a bunch of new great features. The wireframing abilities were greatly extended. There are 2 new wireframing diagrams - Mobile App Diagram and Screen Flow Diagram. Apart from this entity-relationship diagram was improved - it visualizes the enumeration tables better and a new feature allows you to break M:N relationship to an association table and 2 relationships.

Improvements and Fixes in Diagram Editor - Software Ideas Modeler 12.32

The new version brings a few improvements and it fixes found bugs for the better diagramming experience.

Smoother Formatted Text Editing and Auto-Complete Hotfix - Version 12.31

The new version further enhances Software Ideas Modeler. It includes a hotfix for the missing auto-complete bug.

Easier Diagramming, Auto Layout Configuration, Tuned GUI - Software Ideas Modeler 12.30

The new version of the diagramming and modeling tool Software Ideas Modeler brings dozens of useful improvements that help you to create your diagrams even easier than before.

Faster Diagram Tool - Software Ideas Modeler 12.21

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler speeds up the rendering during diagram editing. It also fixes found bugs - especially in the sequence diagram.

Enhanced Diagram Editing with Software Ideas Modeler 12.20

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings a handful of improvements - better type editing of attributes from the ribbon, advanced deleting options available via shortcut keys and many other small enhancements and fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.16 - Improved Stability

The new version fixes several found bugs.

Better Diagramming Software - Version 12.15

Software Ideas Modeler 12.15 improves reverse engineering from source code, searching and diagramming in general. Links to tutorial articles were added to the Start Page. The known bugs have been fixed.

Better Diagramming Options and Improved Drawing Connector - Software Ideas Modeler 12.10

Software Ideas Modeler 12.10 brings plenty of improvements and fixes. It improves some diagram elements rendering, adds new settings to elements and extends the context bar with new useful buttons. Now, you can set caps of Connector element (Drawing group).

Improved Diagramming in Software Ideas Modeler 12.07

The new Software Ideas Modeler introduces other improvements in drag&drop abilities. Now you may drag&drop enumeration items and instance specifications (objects) to attributes to set their types and default values. The new version also fixes the known bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.06 - Hot Fix

The new version fixes known bugs. Software Ideas Modeler 12.06 has considerably improved stability.

Your Diagramming Tool for Year 2020 - Enhanced Diagramming and Overall Stability - Software Ideas Modeler 12.05

Software Ideas Modeler 12.05 introduces small features which make the work with relationships and attributes in UML diagrams faster. The new version of this diagramming software brings 6 small improvements and it fixes 14 found bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.02 - Fixes and Adjustments

Version 12.02 fixes found bugs and improves the work with the application.

Software Ideas Modeler 12.01 - Fixes

We released the first fix for Software Ideas Modeler 12. It fixes found bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 12 - New Generation Diagramming

After more than a year of development, a new version of Software Ideas Modeler is ready for you. It brings an unprecedented number of new features and improvements compared to the previous version. We have more than 250 of them.

Software Ideas Modeler 11.101 - Various Fixes

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler fixes the found bugs.

Fixed BPMN a SysML and Source Code Reverse Engineering in v11.100

The new version of Software Ideas Modeler fixes six found bugs.

Improved Source Code Generation to C# and Better BPMN Diagramming - Version 11.99

Software Ideas Modeler 11.99 brings small improvements to C# source code generation. New transitions between BPMN elements were introduced which will improve the diagram editing when using right drag&drop and context bar.

Improved Start Up Time and Auto Expanding Bounds

Software Ideas Modeler 11.98 brings several useful improvements and fixes the reported bugs and problems.

Enhanced Export to BPMN Format, Mono and Linux Fixes (Version 11.97)

This version of Software Ideas Modeler further improves BPMN export and fixes bugs under Mono and Linux.

Improved Export to BPMN Format and Fixed ERD Relationship Creation

The March update of Software Ideas Modeler improves BPMN export and image export dialog. Also known bugs were fixed.

Software Ideas Modeler 11.95 - Important Fix

The new version fixes a very unpleasant bug which can corrupt your project after printing only selected elements. There are also other stability improvements.

Improved Source Code Generation and Reverse Engineering

Software Ideas Modeler 11.94 brings several small improvements and various fixes.

Software Ideas Modeler 11.93 - Hot Fix

This version fixes a few reported bugs.

Fresh Release of Your Diagramming Tool in 2019

Software Ideas Modeler 11.92 is a first release in year 2019. It fixes various bugs and it brings small improvements.

Usability Improvements, Nested Diagrams Fixes and More in Version 11.91

Software Ideas Modeler 11.91 brings variety of small improvement and fixes.

Improved Diagram Editor with Better Oblique Line Editing - Software Ideas Modeler 11.90

In the new version you can find several interesting improvements. The highlight of this version is improved oblique line editing - it allows you easier to combine free direction lines and rectangular lines in a single relationship. There is also a lot of fixed bugs.

Version 11.89 with Improved Diagramming and New Pan Tool Setting

Rectangular lines routing was further improved for some cases. Pan tool offers a new setting. Nested diagrams are shown in Folder Overview from this version. Various bugs were fixed.

Better Diagram Creation and Improved Ribbon in Version 11.88

Software Ideas Modeler 11.88 improves diagramming and fixes found bugs.

Fixed Work With ERD Relationships and More in Version 11.87

Software Ideas Modeler 11.87 fixes found bugs.

Improved Styling and Optimized Diagram Rendering - Version 11.86

Software Ideas Modeler 11.86 improves work with default styles, enhances rendering speed of element with a custom visual when a big bitmap is used. Also the found bugs were fixed.

Improved Diagramming with Better Rectangular Lines Handling - Version 11.85

The latest version (11.85) improves various aspects of diagram editing, especially rectangular line handling. It also fixes a lot of bugs.

Improved Entity Relationship Diagram and Overall User Experience - Version 11.80

The new version brings more than 40 improvements and fixes 33 bugs. The major new feature is new settings added to E-R diagrams. In addition, there is a bunch of small improvements which should enhance the overall user experience.

Better BPMN Support and Improved Diagram Editing Experience

Software Ideas Modeler 11.70 improves BPMN export and introduces BPMN import. Diagram editing was improved in this version, especially element name editing.

Enhanced Diagramming, Better SQL DDL Generation and Database Reverse Engineering

Software Ideas Modeler 11.60 improves diagram creation. The overall experience should be better thanks to several improvements and fixes. The new version enhances also SQL script generation and database reverse engineering.

Improved Database Reverse Engineering and SysML Sequence Diagram - Version 11.55

Software Ideas Modeler 11.55 brings several small improvements.

Improved Database Import Dialog - Version 11.53

Software Ideas Modeler 11.53 brings a useful improvement to database import dialog, improves template commands for formatted text and fixes reported bugs.

Improved Use Case Diagram and Fixed Bugs - Version 11.52

Software Ideas Modeler 11.52 adds new tools to UML use case diagram and fixes found bugs.

Version 11.51 - Hot Fix

Software Ideas Modeler 11.51 fixes a few found bugs.

Added Support for SharePoint and Improved SysML in Version 11.50

Software Ideas Modeler 11.50 brings support for downloading/uploading from/to SharePoint server. There is also a lot of improvements in SysML diagrams. New version has enhanced overall stability and it fixes a lot of bugs.

Enhanced Requirement Diagram - Version 11.45

The new version improved the requirement diagram and fixes several bugs.

Improved Diagramming and More Options with Version 11.41

Software Ideas Modeler 11.41 brings several improvements and fixes.

Name Styles, Better Glossary and Alias Editor

Software Ideas Modeler 11.40 includes several interesting improvements - multiple name styles, better glossary module and new alias editor.

Better Documentation Templates and Improved Support for Right-To-Left Languages

The new version 11.30 improves documentation templates (support for optional regions was added) and it enhanced support for right-to-left languages. Also several bugs were fixed.

Software Ideas Modeler 11.27 - Hot Fix

This version corrects several bugs.

Improved Documentation - Software Ideas Modeler 11.25

The new versions brings several improvements in documentation generation and documentation editing. It also fixes found bugs.

Improved User Interface Mockups and UML Sequence Diagram Editing

Version 11.20 improves user interface diagrams and diagram drawing in general. It brings also a lot of bug fixes.

Improved User Interface Diagram and State Machine Generation

Software Ideas Modeler 11.17 improves work with UI diagrams and enhances State Machine generation. It also brings other small improvements and fixes.

Improved Overall User Experience and Stability - Version 11.16

The new version introduces several improvements to Element Browser, enhances source code reverse engineering to diagrams and improves overall user experience and stability of the application. There is more than 50 improvements and fixes from the previous version.

Better Entity Relationship Diagramming with Version 11.10

The new release brings more than 50 improvements and bug fixes. It improves general user experience, introduces several improvements for E-R diagramming and enhances C++ code parsing and generation.

Version 11.01 - Hot Fix

The new release fixes few small bugs.

Software Ideas Modeler 11 - New Level of Software Modeling and Diagramming

After one year and something a new eleventh major version comes. It brings many breakthrough and original features. It is the biggest jump between two consecutive releases.

Fixed Database Import and Distance Auto Guides - Version 10.68

The new version 10.68 bring several fixes for database reverse engineering and for displaying distance auto guides.

Software Ideas Modeler 10.67 - Important Fixes

This version fixes several recently found bugs. It is recommended to update to this version.

Software Ideas Modeler 10.66 - Small Fixes

New version 10.66 brings couple of small fixes.

Fast and Comfortable Diagramming

Software Ideas Modeler 10.65 improves diagram editing and fixes found bugs. Design diagrams should be even better and faster with the new version. BPMN Sub Process was added to BPMN diagram and Tree element was added to User Interface Diagram.

Smarter CASE Tool For Year 2017

The evolution of Software Ideas Modeler continues also in year 2017. A new version 10.60 is available now. It brings several improvements and fixes found bugs.

Improved Quick Action Box, Fixes in E-R Diagram and More - Version 10.56

This release includes a small improvement of result ordering in quick action box and it fixes several found bugs.

XSD Reverse Engineering - Version 10.55

New version brings better work with XML schemas. It allows you to generate a diagram from XSD schema. The generation of XSD schema from UML Class Diagram was also improved.

User Stories, BPMN 2.0 and Better Diagramming - Version 10.50

Software Ideas Modeler 10.50 brings many improvements and fixes. The highlights of the new version are User Stories, improved BPMN 2.0, improved diagramming, non-disturbing message boxes during diagram editing. That is not everything - there is much more improvements (almost 60 overall).

Version 10.42 - Fixed Diagram Preview

The new release improves stability with three new fixes.

Python Hot Fix - Version 10.41

This version fixes unavailable Python option in Source Code reverse engineering dialog. It was available only in Parser sidebar.

Python Reverse Engineering and Table Printing

Software Ideas Modeler 10.40 brings other interesting features. Python is another supported language for source code reverse engineering. You may also find useful to print the tables like list of elements, requirements, matrices, etc. directly from the application.

Design Roadmaps and Generate TypeScript Code in v10.30

The new version improves the use case editor, brings support for TypeScript, enhances the main documentation template and introduces a new diagram type - Roadmap.

Diagramming with Improved Stability - Version 10.22

The new version 10.22 brings few more fixes.

Version 10.21

The new version fixes few found bugs.

New Diagram Type Grafcet and Improved User Interface Diagram in v10.20

This version introduces a new diagram type Grafcet. Also a new element type was added to user interface diagram - Field List. It may reference a class and show list of fields by class attributes. Also UI Grid supports similar feature now.

Version 10.16 - Better Diagramming

New version introduces two small improvements in diagram editing and fixes few found bugs.

Version 10.15 - Useful Improvements

The new version fixes the reported bugs. There are also several useful improvements which make your diagramming easier.

New Snap Grid Types, Better Types and Tagged Values in Version 10.10

The new version 10.10 improves tagged values and work with types. It adds new grid types - crosses and dots.

Diagram Orientation and Fixes - Version 10.01

The new version brings several bug fixes, improved look and feel of the main application window and a new diagram page option - diagram orientation.

Version 10 - Easier and Faster Diagramming with Ribbon and Macros

The major version of Software Ideas Modeler becomes a two digit number. The ten brings a huge amount of new features and improvements. You can enjoy almost two hundred various enhancements.

Version 9.32 - Small fixes

The new version brings fixes of reported bugs.

Version 9.31 - Hot Fix

This version fixes some annoying bugs.

Selection of Multiple Fields and Batch Actions for Them

The new version 9.30 is aimed on improvements for fields. The code about fields was completely rewritten. A field can be selected, actually, also multiple fields can be selected at once. You can drag and drop them for copy or move. Some fields (which were not editable from diagram at all) supports inline editing.

Enhanced Diagram Drawing, Better Autocomplete and Referenced Default Value

Version 9.20 includes more than 20 new features and improvements. Relationships can be detached and moved to other elements. Auto complete was completely reworked - it supports multiplicities and default values. If you set an enumeration as a type, you can reference one of its items as a default value. If this item changes, all references will follow this change.

Better UML Standard Implementation and Documentation Generation

Version 9.15 brings many improvements in UML diagrams, improves documentation generation and fixes found bugs.

Better UML Activities and Frames, Improved Work with Groups and More in 9.10

New version brings 23 improvements and it fixes all discovered bugs. A lot of these improvements is related to UML Activities and Frames and work in diagram editor.

Version 9.05 - Small Improvements and Fixes

This release fixes a lot of bugs and it brings also some small improvements. Folder Overview was enhanced - it shows also nested folders now.

Version 9.01 - Hot Fix

Version 9.01 contains a hotfix for very unpleasant bug found in version 9. Ultimate edition is not affected by this bug, so if you use this edition, you do not need apply this update.

New Big Update - Version 9

The full release notes to version 9 are the longest of any previous version. There is more than 170 changes from version 8.56, which include new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Version 8.56

This version fixes few reported bugs.

Better C++ Code Generation and Remembered Print Settings

New version 8.55 brings several small improvements and fixes reported bugs. The improvements includes better source code generation for C++, remembering of last print settings and better evaluation of auto snap lines in sequence diagrams.

Version 8.51 - Fix

This version fixes two unpleasant bugs related to formatted text.

Version 8.50 - New Tabs, Search in Toolbox and Improved Documentation

Software Ideas Modeler got interesting improvements in version 8.50. Tab bar has a new look and is able to show longer name as well as more tabs on the same space (depending on settings). You can search a tool in the toolbox using the new search box on the top. Formatted text engine was completely refactored and should be much better now.

Version 8.45 - Improved Project Tree

Highlights of this version are improvements of the project tree. It has a new permanently visible search box. You can also set the behavior of navigation to item in the Options (Project Tree tab) - you can choose between opening/navigating on single click or double click. New version also fixes found bugs.

Version 8.40 - Remembered Views on Diagrams

Software Ideas Modeler 8.40 remembers the last view on each diagram, so you can continue where you ended at last saving. Also the last state of expansion of the project tree can be restored when you choose the option Restore Saved State for the Initial Expansion. You can also find another interesting improvements in this new version.

Qualified Associations in Version 8.35

Version 8.35 brings many improvements and bug fixes. The highlight of this version is Qualified Associations.

Version 8.31

New version is mainly a fix release. It fixes reported and discovered bugs. There are also a few small improvements.

Better Project Comparison and Various Improvements in Version 8.30

Version 8.30 brings more than 50 improvements including various bug fixes. A lot of improvements was made in the project comparsion feature. Also reverse engineering of MS SQL databases was improved together with the code generation.

Improved attributes and operations in version 8.20

New version 8.20 adds new modifiers to attributes and operations and improves displaying relationships in the project tree.

Version 8.11

This new release fixes reported bugs.

Parsing C++, Ruby and Improved Stability

New version improves source code parsing, adds new supported programming languages - C++ and Ruby and fixes found bugs.

Design diagrams effectively with version 8

The new version includes more than 140 improvements and fixes. It brings a lot of new options and new tools which allows you to design your diagrams more effectively.

Draw Your Diagrams with a New Version 7.71

New version fixes a lot of found bugs.

Diagram Frames, Splitting Relationship using Element

Version 7.70 includes many interesting improvements as relationship splitting, better renaming or added diagram frames. It also fixes found bugs.

Improved Parsing and Other Fixes in Version 7.62

The new version brings a dozen of enhancements, mostly fixed bugs.

Version 7.61

This version fixes found bugs.

Version 7.60 with Single Click Editing, Improved Documentation

The new version includes 25 new features and improvements and fixes found bugs.

Better Snap Lines, Visual Aid for End Point Locking and Much More in 7.50

Version 7.50 enhances stability, improves toolbox, relationship locking and much more. There is overall more than 50 improvements and fixes.

Version 7.46 - Hotfix

Version 7.46 is a hotfix of two annoying bugs.

Improved states and much more in version 7.45

Version 7.45 brings 11 improvements and fixes 12 bugs.

Useful improvements in version 7.40

Innovation continues with the new version 7.40. It brings more than dozen improvements. You can copy elements faster. Now it is possible to replace the model of an element in a diagram using the new tool.

Version 7.31 - new template language commands

Version 7.31 fixes reported bugs and adds few improvements in source code generation and template language.

Better Use Cases and Work with Model

Version 7.30 improves use cases and enhances handling with shared elements.

Access object properties from context menu in project tree

Version 7.21 fixes found bugs and adds small improvements.

Diagrams can be created even faster with version 7.20

Version 7.20 includes new interesting features and improvements, which allows you to create diagrams even faster and easier.

Duplicate diagrams, convert elements and manage filters with 7.10

Version 7.10 is a new feature version of Software Ideas Modeler. It allows you to duplicate diagrams, convert elements and manage filters. There are also other improvements and bug fixes.

Version 7.01

Version 7.01 fixes reported bugs in version 7.

Seventh Major Version of Software Ideas Modeler

Software Ideas Modeler made another big step to better fulfill your requirements and enlarge the community of satisfied users. The seventh major version brings more than 100 new features and improvements.

Version 6.86

New version brings small improvements and enhances the overall stability.

Reorder diagrams in Model Overview and adjust content for documentation

Version 6.85 gives you a better control over documentation generation and allows you to adjust the order of diagrams in Model Overview window. Overall there is more than 10 new features and improvements and 6 fixed bugs.

Rounded rectangles and colors in documentation

Version 6.80 allows to draw custom rounded rectangles and change colors of text and background in documentation editor. Also several found bug were fixed.

Version 6.75 with field ordering

New version 6.75 allows to order attributes and operations by name, type and visibility and stereotypes by name. It also fixes found and reported bugs.

Diagram settings for showing parts and drawing stars

Version 6.70 offers many interesting improvements. Now you can draw configurable stars and easily set which parts of elements should be displayed for the whole diagram. Also few bugs were fixed.

External resources and improved interfaces

Version 6.60 improves interfaces, fast editor, adds support for external resources and many other improvements and fixes.

Version 6.52

New version adds several improvements and new features and enhances stability.

Version 6.51

Version 6.51 fixes reported bugs and it also brings some improvements.

More options with version 6.50

Version 6.50 is more configurable. It fixes reported bugs and adds new features.

A lot of improvements in version 6.30

Version 6.30 brings almost 50 small improvements and fixes. This version allows to set auto path for relationships - then the paths are automatically routed by adjusted A* algorithm.

Improved relationships and other enhancements in 6.20

Version 6.20 introduces new style of relationship line - rounded rectangular. There are also other improvements and fixes.

Version 6.17

New version makes locking of both ends of relation line easier. Discovered bugs were fixed.

Version 6.16

New version fixes the reported bugs and adds small improvements.

Enhanced C++ code generation and improved attributes

Version 6.15 adds new source code template for C++, adds new features for UML attributes and associations. It also fixes reported bugs.

Version 6.12

This release improves the stability of the application.

Version 6.11

An important update which fixes application crashes in special cases and other bugs.

New Move tool, Connection string manager and 22 other improvements in version 6.10

Version 6.10 is coming with 24 new features. It also fixes 16 bugs. The most important features are Move tool, Connection string manager and handling of existing file conflicts during batch export.

First fixes for version 6 and updated Dutch translation

Version 6.01 fixed the bugs and updates Dutch translation.

Registered User Accounts

This website was updated today. It provides special features for registered user.

Sixth Major Version - Modern Diagramming Tool

Evolution of Software Ideas Modeler goes on with the version 6. It brings the improvements across the entire program.

New website and new logo

New website was launched and also the new logo of Software Ideas Modeler was introduced.

Version 5.84

This release fixes new found bugs and includes some small improvements.

More stability with version 5.83

This update improves stability of Software Ideas Modeler and also brings some small usability improvements.

Version 5.82

Version 5.82 fixes new bugs found during last weeks.

Version 5.81

This version fixes reported bugs.

Lots of improvements in version 5.80

I have a present for you. It is not yet the version 6, but I hope you appreciate it as well. There is one more release from 5.x branch and it brings many improvements and fixes.

Souce code generation for Delphi and Concurrency diagram

Version 5.70 supports new diagram type (Concurrency diagram) and allows to generate source code for Delphi. Template language was improved - now it supports composite logical expressions (using and, or, not) and allows to include other files.

Version 5.62

This version improves stability and fixes some other bugs.

Version 5.61 - hot fix

This version is a quick response to found bugs.

Enhanced sequence diagrams and template language

Version 5.60 enhances the sequence diagrams and adds new commands and possibilities to template language. Among other new features, you can generate the source code for state machines (so far C# and JavaScript). Naturally, the known bugs were fixed.

Better work with classes and encrypted project with password

New version (5.50) of Software Ideas Modeler fixes known bugs and brings new exciting features - especially auto-complete, using classes as types, overriding of operations from super class, implementing of interfaces and encryption of project files.

Version 5.40 - Improved work with tabs and added PHP parsing

This new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings several improvements and bug fixes. It is now available also in Italian language (thanks to Gabriele Campo)

Interactive documentation and other improvements

An interesting feature - Interactive documentation - was added to Ultimate edition and many other improvements and fixes to both editions.

Version 5.25 - Action Script generation and other improvements

New version brings 15 new features and improvements and fixes found bugs.

Enhanced find, added replace and a lot of other improvements

New version includes enhanced find and adds replace feature. It also contains many other improvements (overall 41 improvements).

Version 5.11 with various improvements and improved stability

Release for this week includes 8 new features and improvements and fixes 17 found bugs.

Version 5.10 - Better documents and extra large amount of other improvements

New version improves documents, source code generation and other thing to bring you better user experience.

Version 5.07

New version improves stability and solves found problems.

Version 5.06 - distribute options and easier moving of attributes and operations

The highlight features of this new release are distribute options for selected elements available in Arrange menu and easier moving of attributes and operations using drag and drop.

Version 5.05 - new features for you

New version adds 16 new features and fixes 9 bugs.

Version 5.04 - improved editing and work with images

New version adds new ways of diagram editing, improves work with images and fixes reported and other found bugs.

Version 5.03

This release adds 7 new features and fixes 9 bugs.

Version 5.02 - other improvements

Version 5.02 fixes found bugs and improves usability.

Version 5.01 - stability fixes

This minor update brings more stability to version 5. It fixes found bugs.

The new major version - The five is coming

I am pleased to introduce a new version of Software Ideas Modeler – fifth major version.

Version 4.104

Fixed found bugs.

Version 4.103

Fixes some minor issues.

Version 4.102

Except for fixed errors is this version available also in French thanks to Nadir Benyoub. I also thank Gwendal Toullec for some corrections.

Version 4.101 - Bug Fixes

This release fixes bugs found during last weeks.

Version 4.100

Small improvements and fixed found bugs.

Version 4.99

Fixes a bug from previous version.

Version 4.98 - Improved Sequence Diagram Editing

Version 4.98 improves editing of sequence diagrams and fixes found bugs.

Version 4.97

After about a month new version was released. It contains small improvements and fixes found bugs.

Version 4.96

New small improvements and fixed bugs.

Version 4.95

Small improvements and fixed bugs.

Version 4.94

This new release fixes new reported bugs.

Version 4.93 - Hotfix

Since some annoying bugs were reported, I decided to release this hotfix very quickly. (However, these bugs were not introduced in version 4.92.)

Version 4.92 with Portuguese Translation and Other Improvements

New release fixes known bugs and brings small improvements. The most important change is locking of open project file for writing - this lock avoids an accidental rewrite of file.

Version 4.91 - new improvements

After few weeks, new version of your favorite UML tool was published. This release includes a lot of useful improvements and fixes known bugs.

Version 4.90 with Auto Update

Another bunch of small improvements.

Version 4.88

New week - new version with fixed reported bugs and new small improvements.

Version 4.87 - small improvements and Dutch translation

Fixed bugs and small improvements.

Better portable version, Spanish translation and a lot of improvements

Version 4.86 is bringing a lot of small improvements and fixes.

Version 4.85

Small improvements and fixed reported bugs.

Timing Diagram

UML diagram, which a specific type of interaction diagram where the focus is on timing constraints.

First update for year 2011

There is first update of this year with fixed bugs and minor improvements available for download.

Happy New Year 2011

Year 2011 is here. I wish you a lot of success in professional as well as personal life. Let this year be even better than the last one.

Version 4.83

Release notes for version 4.83.

Version 4.82 with lots of fixed bugs

This version includes lots of fixed bugs and several small improvements.

Version 4.81 - JavaScript support, German translation and minor improvements

Source code generation for JavaScript is supported now. This release improves work with timing diagrams too.

Version 4.80 - New Elements and Better Work with Relations

Version 4.80 brings new important improvements.

Version 4.72

Small usability improvements and bug fixes.

XMI Export and Better Sequence Diagrams in 4.70

Version 4.70 fixes known bugs, improves sequence diagram and support export to XMI.

Version 4.60

Some new features and bug fixes.

Version 4.50 with Batch Export and Print

Seventeen new features wait for you in version 4.50.

Version 4.15 - What Is New?

This versions includes thirteen improvements.

Version 4.10 - bug fixes and new features

New version of (I hope) your favorite UML tool was released. It brings several improvements and bug fixes.

Bug fixes for version 4

This week three updates was released.

Version 4.0 with Dozens of Improvements

Version 4 is the biggest jump in the history of Software Ideas Modeler.

What is happening with version 4.0?

Version 4.0 was supposed to be released yesterday, but my estimation was wrong.

Version 3.40

Other bugs fixed.

Version 3.39

Small usability improvements.

Version 3.36

Fix for other bugs.

Version 3.33

New version with "magic" number 3.33 fixes problems with styles in project.

Version 3.32 with Czech Localization

This version fixes other bugs and adds new localization - Czech (thanks to Jiří Šafra).

Version 3.31

Fixed bugs.

Version 3.29

Critical bug fixed.

Version 3.28

There are five new small improvements in this version.

Version 3.27

This version fixes two new bugs.

Version 3.26

Version 3.26 contains small improvements and several bug fixes.

Version 3.25

This version includes several improvements and bug fixes. I release it as reaction to your reports. In addition, I am still working on version 4.0, the new major version, which will bring lots of big improvements and many new features.

Version 3.24 with Chinese Localization

This version fixes other found bugs, includes a small improvement. The user interface is now available in Chinese (thanks to Naiyin Tan).

Versions 3.22 and 3.23

Versions 3.22 and 3.23 contains small improvements.

Version 3.21

This version is mainly focused on error correction.

Better Linux Support and Bug Fixes

Version 3.20 is better optimized for Linux (Mono framework). The bugs reported by users of Software Ideas Modeler are also corrected.

Version 3.12

New minor update is now available. Version 3.12 fixes another found bugs and contains two new improvements.

Version 3.11

Version 3.11 fixes bugs and contains also some minor changes.

Diagram Preview, Auto Layouts and Fixed Bugs

After seven days, the new version is here again.

Software Ideas Modeler The Third

The new major version of Software Ideas Modeler is published and you can enjoy lots of new features and improvements it brings.

Software Ideas Modeler is on Facebook

You can find Software Ideas Modeler on Facebook.

Fixed Issue with Duplication of Object Attributes

Version 2.62 fixes found bug which causes duplication of object attributes after editing.

Version 2.61 with fixed errors

New version corrects found errors.

First Update This Year - Version 2.60

After holidays the next update is here. Version 2.6 fixes found bugs and also adds new features.

Present for you - version 2.50

I have a christmas present for you - users of Software Ideas Modeler. Only after 17 days, new version of this case tool is here.

Second Generation of Software Ideas Modeler

I am very glad that I can present the second major release of Software Ideas Modeler.

Version 1.51 Released

A new version fixes several bugs and adds some new features.

New Version of Software Ideas Modeler

After almost two months, there is a new version of Software Ideas Modeler with lots of new features.

About Software Ideas Modeler

Application Software Ideas Modeler is a tool for the creation of UML diagrams and modeling software.