Version 5.01 - stability fixes

This minor update brings more stability to version 5. It fixes found bugs.

Release Notes

+ Added new template commands: Equals, IsStartRoleAssociationType, IsEndRoleAssociationType, StartRoleElementId, EndRoleElementId
+ Added types of glossary item
* Added missing icons for some element types in project tree
* Added missing diagram types in Start with... section on Start Page
* Fixed wrong message box with question when clicking on OK button in Source Code Template Editor
* Fixed conflict with profile of previous version
* Fixed processing of key shortcut F12 for full-screen, Escape for exit full-screen
* Fixed displaying checked state when Auto Expand In All Direction is active
* Fixed application crash when showing Element Browser in project with no elements
* Fixed text in restart request box which show after clicking 'Change Edition' menu item
* Fixed clearing code editor when select Setting tab as the first one in Source Code Template Editor
* Fixed application crash when adding create message from activation bar (sequence diagram)
* Fixed crash of template evaluator when evaluating iteration without items
* Fixed rare application crash which could occurs on paint of rulers
* Fixed application crash when inserting forked conversation link using drag&drop


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.01 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.01 (Setup)

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