Version 5.03

This release adds 7 new features and fixes 9 bugs.

+ Added new option: Show Paper (Diagram/Bounds)
+ Added new context bar command for Fragment: Add Interaction Operand
+ Added new copy commands for selection: Copy as Bitmap and Copy as Metafile
+ Program remembers last set background for diagram and use it for newly created diagrams
+ Language menu moved to Options window (General tab)
+ Copy commands for diagram moved to submenu (Diagram/Copy)
+ Added new elements to State machine diagram and Interaction overview diagram: Merge, Fork and Join (Fork/Join split)
* Ref Fragment replaced with Interaction Use
* Added icons missing in project tree
* Fixed application crash when confirm Options window without displaying Menu tab
* Fixed displaying of checked state of Show Borders option in menu, if option 'Expand In All Directions' was active
* Fixed application crash when saving project with template parameters
* Fixed application crash when try to export to XMI the project with disconnected relations
* Fixed displaying Unknown as type of some elements in the project tree
* Fixed region resizing in fragments and states
* Fixed editing of template parameters using mouse

Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.03 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.03 (Setup)

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