Version 5.04 - improved editing and work with images

New version adds new ways of diagram editing, improves work with images and fixes reported and other found bugs.

New features and improvements

+ Added new way of adding relationships using drag&drop (relationship starting in selected element and ending in element over which you drop relationship) [based on RQ#12]
+ If multiple elements are selected, multiple relationships will be added
+ If SHIFT is pressed at drop time, relationship will be added reversed
+ Added new tool: Image
+ Added support for embedded images in project
+ Images can be added to diagram from file using drag&drop
+ Higher default lifelines inserted using drag&drop

Fixed bugs

* Added missing statements to statement list in source code editor
* Fixed wrong binding of elements from subrepositories [RQ#14]
* Fixed binding of object classifier [RQ#15]
* Fixed missing of nested models in classifier choice dialog
* Fixed problem with saving of style, which was changed from context bar, when element had assigned a style class


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.04 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.04 (Setup)

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