Version 5.05 - new features for you

New version adds 16 new features and fixes 9 bugs.

New Features and Improvements

+ At first save application offers as default name for project file the project name
+ Project Properties window displays when clicking on project node in project tree
+ Project can be renamed directly in project tree
+ Faster document editor
+ Added setting for background color of text in document editor
+ Added setting for justified text in document editor
+ Copy, Paste, Cut, Undo and Redo buttons work for document editor when it is active
+ Added support for multiple selected rows in attributes, operations and parameters grids in Properties dialog
+ Added support for copying of grid content (attributes grid, operations grid, etc.)
+ Program remembers default size of Element Properties dialog
+ Position of sequence message text can be changed [RQ#19]
+ Sequence message switch to edit mode after inserting
+ Added support for multiline text of sequence message [RQ#19]
+ Added support for multiline name for actions, activities, states
+ Added * symbol to title bar for unsaved project
+ Displaying save icon in status bar when saving

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed serialization error wben copying [RQ#17]
* Fixed inserting interaction operands using drag&drop [RQ#18]
* Fixed application crash when removing column from table
* Fixed application crash when try to export document with table which contains empty cell(s)
* Fixed wrong offseting of text after sever clicks on table cell in documentat editor
* Fixed removing entity attribute from Properties dialog
* Fixed applying default setting for source code generation language and template in main window
* Fixed missing spaces in generated TXT documents [RQ#21]
* Fixed table rendering in generated TXT documents


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.05 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.05 (Setup)

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