Version 5.06 - distribute options and easier moving of attributes and operations

The highlight features of this new release are distribute options for selected elements available in Arrange menu and easier moving of attributes and operations using drag and drop.

New Features

+ New arrange option - distribute
+ Attributes and operation can be moved using drag&drop (also to another class)
+ Improved XMI import (supported comments, lowerValue and upperValue of attributes)
+ Added setting for background color of cell in document editor
+ Elements can be moved to other diagram and diagrams to other model using drag&drop in project tree [RQ#25]
+ Added support for interfaces in PHP source code generation [RQ#22]
+ Documents and templates are displayed in project tree
+ Reorganized toolbars in documentation editor
+ Edited document can be open in new window

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed small repositioning of relation ends after loading at specific cases
* Fixed some inaccuracies in cursor positioning in document editor
* Fixed unavailable editing of diagram documentation in sidebar
* Fixed applying changes in documentation from side bar editor when only format changes were made
* Fixed application crash with out of range exception in state machine diagram [RQ#23]
* Fixed problem with serialization when copying table in document [RQ#25]
* Fixed saving/loading of item position in project tree
* Fixed incorrect setting of attribute type when it is edited using Attribute dialog [RQ#26]


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.06 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.06 (Setup)

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