Version 5.07

New version improves stability and solves found problems.

+ Document editor supports drag&drop of text
+ All elements of grid can be selected by clicking on the upper left corner
+ Added support for keys Page Down, Page Up, Home, End in list boxes
+ Big update for Chinese translation (thanks to Zen Liu)
* Increased resolution of diagram images in documentation editor
* Cursor in documetation editor changes to arrow when it is over the object (image, table)
* Button in toolbox will be unselected, when you click on locked button to release the lock and the default button (Selection) will be selected
* Node in project tree is selected no more after clicking on Expand/Collapse (plus/minus) button
* Fixed incorrect generation of source code for interface [RQ#28]
* Fixed application crash when adding a new model in project sidebar and no node of project tree is selected [RQ#29]
* Fixed application crash when try to generate source code to not existing directory and added message box that ask you whether to create this directory [RQ#27]
* Fixed moving in list boxes using keys (selection event did not fire before)
* Fixed clipping of long text in use case
* Fixed rendering of lock icon to not overlay shorcut key label
* Fixed selecting of marked text (command text) in documentation editor
* Fixed disabled drag&drop of elements from project tree to documentation editor
* Fixed possible application crash in document editor
* Fixed possible application crash in glossary editor
* Fixed selection in end of document
* Fixed double-click selection of words on beginning or end of line
* Fixed project tree updating when added/removed document in project documentation or documentation template
* Fixed problem with not working END command in text editor in a specific case
* Fixed application crash when editing source code of element [RQ#31]


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.07 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.07 (Setup)

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