Version 5.10 - Better documents and extra large amount of other improvements

New version improves documents, source code generation and other thing to bring you better user experience.

New Features and Improvements

+ Reorganized menus to make the enviroment clearer
+ Improved Java source code generation (interfaces and enums supported)
+ Imports (imported packages/namespaces) can be defined for each class in diagram using tagged values (Name=Import,Value=Package_name)
+ At source code generation, package/namespace name of class is based also on package, in which the class is placed
+ Source code generator supports creation of subdirectories for namespaces/packages
+ Custom radio button is automatically checked when you edit the custom name pattern in image batch export dialog [RQ#37]
+ Open diagrams are selected for batch export as default [RQ#37]
+ Added menu item Close (CTRL-W) into Windows menu - it allows to close active tab/child window [RQ#36]
+ Added menu items Minimize and Maximize into Windows menu
+ Added new menu items Delete from Diagram and Delete from Project into Edit/Delete Special
+ Improved delete command - if deleted element has only one instance in the whole project, it will be deleted also from repository
+ Added new template command for element: Package
+ Template command TaggedValues can be called with parameter, which allows to return only tagged values with specific name
+ Added support for tabbing between cells of table in document editor
+ Added support for navigation using cursor keys (left, right, down, up) in table
+ First cell of table is edited after inserting table in document editor
+ Used tagged names are suggested when adding new tagged value
+ Added context menu to formatted text editor
+ Open diagrams are selected in source code generation dialog
+ Added selection buttons (Select All, Invert, None) into source code generation dialog
+ Added line spacing option in document editor
+ Added left indent, right indent and first line indent option in document editor
+ Added popup menu for table creation
+ Document editor supports tabs
+ Added horizontal ruler to document editor
+ Newly created paragraph takes the style of previous one instead of the default style
+ Added print of documentation
+ Table can be moved using special move grip

Fixed Bugs

* Disabled adding of empty names of imported packages/namespaces in source code generation dialog
* Fixed application crash in Code Editor control, when it is resized to very small size [RQ#32]
* Fixed application crash when clicking on empty area in tree control [RQ#33]
* Fixed problem with export of diagram to PDF [RQ#35]
* Fixed application crash when adding new source code language in class properties dialog
* Fixed predefined diagram filters
* Fixed work with tables in document editor
* Fixed undo for paste command in formatted text editor
* Fixed showing of save message also when no changes made in documentation template editor
* Small visual fixes and improvements


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.10 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.10 (Setup)

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