Enhanced find, added replace and a lot of other improvements

New version includes enhanced find and adds replace feature. It also contains many other improvements (overall 41 improvements).

New Features

+ Improved searching
+ Match case
+ Match whole word
+ Wildcard searching
+ Regular expression searching
+ Look in current project, current model, current diagram or open diagrams
+ Open window with all found items
+ Find in parts (Name, CustomID, Stereotype, Tagged Value, Documentation, Comment, Attribute, Operation, Other)
+ Highlighting of found text
+ Added replace feature (Edit / Replace)
+ Completely rewritten module for XMI import and export [RQ#43]
+ Supported export/import of guards, preconditions and postconditions [RQ#44]
+ Easy manipulating with self relations [RQ#48]
+ Added new element: Junction (State Machine Diagram)
+ Added name rendering for some elements (ports, pins, initial nodes, initial states, flow final nodes, final nodes, final states, entry points, exit points, decisions, merges)
+ Added option to show/hide the name for these elements (+ activity parameter nodes)
+ Added option to choose the format of text before the text is typed in document editor
+ New style options for relation texts: Text Wrapping and Text Wrapping Threshold
+ Added delete button for each item in list of recent projects
+ Added support for Page Up and Page Down in document editor
+ Added progress dialog for source code parsing
+ Improved drag&drop to submodel [RQ#51]
+ Slightly improved Smart Layout
+ Improved export of documentation to HTML (lists, background color of text, size of table)
+ Added new option to batch export: Create subdirectories for models [RQ#52]
+ Added support for pasting images and text into diagram
+ SIM Project (.simp) file can be drag&dropped to editor - it opens the dialog for copying the diagrams from dragged project to open project
+ Added button for hiding the context toolbar
+ Folder Browser dialog in Batch Export dialog changed to Open File Dialog
+ Thumbnails of diagrams in batch export dialog (thummbnail displays when mouse is over the diagram name at least 1.5 sec)

Fixed Bugs

* Improved selecting in document editor
* Fixed project tree refreshing after parsing the source code
* Fixed saving custom position of name label of Activity Parameter Node
* Fixed moving of group of objects using keyboard
* Fixed application crash when loading Operation dialog with source code of undefined language
* Fixed incorrect setting of view when use CTRL-Home or CTRL-End keys in document editor
* Fixed rendering of cell background when it is edited
* Fixed calculation of relation bounds when displaying of texts is turned off
* Fixed drag&drop of image files to editor when no temp directory is created
* Fixed canceling of changes when elements are moved after applying some arrange commands
* Fixed updating of diagram bounds after some arrange commands
* Fixed searching in nested models
* Fixed problem with missing objects in exported documentation


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.20 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.20 (Setup)

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