Version 5.25 - Action Script generation and other improvements

New version brings 15 new features and improvements and fixes found bugs.

New Features and Improvements

+ Added source code generation for Action Script
+ Added panning diagram when spacebar held [RQ#55]
+ Improved rendering of activity Final Node and Final State
+ Added Transitions to Statemachine diagram, original transitons renamed to Protocol Transitions
+ Added Control Flow and Object Flow to Activity diagram instead of Transition
+ Added Java type set
+ Added auto complete for lifeline classifier in Properties dialog
+ Classifier of lifeline can be set so that you drag a class from the project tree and drop it over lifeline
+ Lifeline can be created so that you drag class from the project tree and drop it to Sequence diagram
+ Object can be created so that you drag class from the project tree and drop it to Object diagram
+ Added option for opening the generated document after generation
+ Program offers default path and file name for generated documentation
+ Program remembers 10 last used paths for documentation generation and offers it in drop down list
+ Added support for pasting images to documentation
+ Added option to connect a flow to another flow in flowchart diagram

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed incorrect location of lifeline after deleting a create action
* Project tree refreshes automatically after renaming element
* Fixed XMI export of activity diagram [RQ#53] and added new supported elements InterruptibleActivityRegion and ActivityPartition [RQ#60]
* Fixed disappearing of scrollbar of Styles panel [RQ#56]
* Fixed application crash when rendering highlighting in text of operation
* Fixed binding of lifeline classifier in Properties dialog
* Fixed undo action for setting lifeline/object classifier when you set it using drag&drop of a class from another diagram
* Fixed saving of images in documentation
* Fixed rendering of labels with shortcut keys in toolbox in Icons mode
* Fixed incorrect checked rendering quality after application start
* Fixed navigation to selected element when it is selected using space bar in project tree
* Fixed omitting of empty lines in exported documentation
* Fixed jumping of cursor to start of document in document editor when you move over space between pages
* Fixed specific case of application crash when applying smart layout [RQ#61]
* Fixed application crash when removing table columns or rows
* Fixed grouping of elements
* Fixed deleting of multiple selected items from diagram using context menu in project tree
* Fixed refreshing of start page
* Other minor stability fixes and some Mono(Linux)-specific bugs


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.25 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.25 (Setup)


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Thank you very much!

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