Interactive documentation and other improvements

An interesting feature - Interactive documentation - was added to Ultimate edition and many other improvements and fixes to both editions.

New features and improvements

+ Added generation of Interactive Documentation (Ultimate edition)
+ Added drawing modifier key (SHIFT) to allow easy drawing of shapes with the same width and height (squares, circles) [RQ#66]
+ Added drawing modifier key (SHIFT) for relations to allow draw lines in exact angle (0°, 45°, 90°, etc.) [RQ#66]
+ Added drawing modifier key (CTRL) which allows to draw a shape from its center
+ Added drawing modifier key (ALT) for relations to suppress auto position and preserve exactly what is drawn
+ Added support for page break in document editor (CTRL-Enter)
+ Last cursor position is remembered for each document and is restored after switching to document
+ Version number can be selected and copied from About dialog [RQ#63]
+ Added CTRL-A shortcut for select all in What's New text box
+ Updated Czech localization (thanks to Jiří Šafra)

Fixed bugs

* Changed default settings for displaying of diagram paper
* Fixed deleting of multiple selected items from diagram using Delete key in project tree
* Fixed deleting of documents using Delete key in project tree
* Fixed incorrect redo of ungroup command when group and ungroup commands follow
* Fixed drag&drop in document editor
* Fixed enabled TO-DO tab page when no project is loaded
* Fixed auto-update fail [RQ#62]
* Fixed applying of default visibility for attributes and operations when added from Properties dialog
* Fixed resizing of table
* Fixed copy/paste from document using menu and toolbar
* Fixed displaying of transition text (removed trailing comma, added missing slash when only behavior expression is defined)
* Fixed overflow of table cell content in document editor
* Fixed incorrect export of cell background color to PDF
* Fixed incorrect horizontal position of table in PDF export
* Fixed incorrect export of multiple spaces to HTML
* Fixed displaying of cursor in empty document
* Fixed ActivityPartitions and InterruptibleActivityRegions contain no references [RQ#64]
* Fixed problem with inserting special characters using AltGr-Char into documentation text box
* Fixed application crash when try to undo creation of drawing element (rectangle, ellipse, etc.)
* Other minor stability fixes


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.30 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.30 (Setup)


Lars Kemmann 3 June 2012 19:32:49


The interactive documentation is a great idea, it opens up many possibilities that I didn't have before (imagine putting the output under a version-control system and automatically uploading it to my website to update any public API docs)!

But that aside, the drawing modifier keys for relations alone are worth the upgrade!

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