Version 5.40 - Improved work with tabs and added PHP parsing

This new version of Software Ideas Modeler brings several improvements and bug fixes. It is now available also in Italian language (thanks to Gabriele Campo)

New Features

+ Added source code parsing for PHP
+ Added Italian translation (thanks to Gabriele Campo)
+ Improved SQL DDL generation - added support for Primary keys, Foreign keys [RQ#69]
+ Added specification of columns for relation in ERD diagram
+ Added drawing modifier key (CTRL) for symmetrical change of bounds when resizing [RQ#74]
+ Added drawing modifier key (SHIFT) for propotional change of size - width:height ration will be preserved [RQ#74]
+ Added drawing modifier key (SHIFT) for rotation in exact angle (0°, 45°, 90°, etc.)
+ Improved work with multi-selection in project tree
+ Added new properties for ERD entities in template evaluator: PrimaryKeys, ForeignKeys, NullableAttributes, NotNullableAttributes, HasPrimaryKey, HasForeignKey
+ Significantly improved speed of source code parsing
+ Key, type, type size, nullability and default value of entity attributes (in ERD diagram) can be edited inline (directly in diagram)
+ Improved work with tabs
+ Added right-click context menu
+ All other tabs can be closed
+ All tabs can be closed
+ Tabs can be reordered
+ Added modes (iterative, parallel, stream) for expansion regions [RQ#81]
+ Improved XMI export/import [RQ#67, RQ#81]
+ Added suport for Input and Ouput Pins
+ Added support for Object Nodes
+ Added support for drop of image files to text box
+ Set as High-DPI aware - removes blur at high DPI

Fixed Bugs

* Fixed application crash when try to edit diagram after moving to another model [RQ#68]
* Fixed copying of image from diagram
* Fixed undo for delete diagram
* Fixed recalculating of attribute/operation bounds after moving attributes/operations when attributes/operations of class have different heights
* Fixed PHP enum generation
* Fixed rare problem with out of range coordinates
* Fixed application crash when CTRL-W is pressed and there is no tab open [RQ#84]
* Fixed wrong z-order after undoing delete action of container with nested element [RQ#83]
* Fixed application crash when parsing source code in project without models [RQ#80]
* Fixed problem with unwanted change of parent of interaction operand [RQ#85]
* Fixed undo action for movement of sequence message text [RQ#86]
* Fixed unapplied padding style for some element types
* Fixed drag&drop of project items to documentation


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.40 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.40 (Setup)

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