Better work with classes and encrypted project with password

New version (5.50) of Software Ideas Modeler fixes known bugs and brings new exciting features - especially auto-complete, using classes as types, overriding of operations from super class, implementing of interfaces and encryption of project files.


When you edit attribute or operation and start to type the name of type after colon (:) symbol, the auto-complete list will display. In addition to standard and custom types it offers classes defined in project too. You can use class name as type of attribute also in previous versions, but now program creates the true reference. So when you change the name of class, the type of attribute will be updated as well.

Override operations

The context bar below class offers new button - Override operations. It adds all virtual and abstract operations from super class(es) and all operations from realized interfaces to selected class.

Implement interface

Context bar has also new button for realization (Implement interface) and generalization (Override operations). The command Implement interface adds all operations from interface to class which implements this interface. The command Override operations from context bar for generalization has the similar effect - it adds all virtual and abstract operations from super class to sub class.

Abstract, virtual, static operations

Marking operation as virtual, abstract or static is much easier know, especially if you have a lot of operations. Columns for these modifiers were added to grid of operations in Properties dialog (Class tab). Just click on checkbox for desired modifier and change its value.

Triangle arrow

If you write >> program will automatically replace it with triangle arrow.


From this version, Software Ideas Modeler supports the encryption of project files. You activate it so, that you set the password for the project - open Project Properties window (Project menu/Project properties) and click on Set button next to Password label. If you set the first password, let the old password field blank. Be careful with this feature - when you encrypt the project, you don't open it without knowing the password.

Complete list of new features and improvements

+ Classes defined in project can be used as types of attributes and operations
+ Added auto-complete of types when editing attributes and operations of class
+ Added option for setting password and saving of encrypted project files [RQ#79]
+ Added new menu Arrange/Rotation for precise rotation
+ Added 'Override operations' context command for class
+ Added 'Implement interface' context command for realization
+ Added 'Override operations' context command for generalization
+ Added columns for easy editing of abstract, virtual and static modifiers of operations to grid in Item Properties dialog
+ Name of diagram is rendered in two lines instead of one and half [RQ#89]
+ Fields (names, attributes, etc.) of grouped elements can be edited [RQ#93]
+ Support for inline editing of triggers, guard and behaviour expression of statechart transition instead of its name [RQ#102]
+ Size grips rotates with element [RQ#97]
+ Rotation continues where it ends instead of reseting after each new try
+ Rotation applied also on hover selection of fields
+ Adjusted Decision and Merge nodes to better fit default grid [RQ#98]
+ Added option to remove point using context menu [RQ#82]
+ Added background, border, shadow and gloss settings for Text (from Drawing group)
+ Added support for interface extending in PHP source code generation [RQ#91]
+ Added auto replace of << and >> in name of UML association to symbol of black solid triangle [RQ#94]

Fixed bugs

* Fixed rotation saving [RQ#99]
* Fixed crash when sending request/bug report and there is no network connection
* Fixed loading of type list [RQ#101]
* Fixed undo/redo for movement of relation name, associations roles and multiplicities [RQ#100]
* Fixed application crash when downloading auto-update files and there is no network connection [RQ#90]
* Fixed format setting of cell text in document editor
* Fixed alignment of text (drawing group)
* Fixed application crash when click with the middle-button on an empty space on tab bar


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.50 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.50 (Setup)

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