Enhanced sequence diagrams and template language

Version 5.60 enhances the sequence diagrams and adds new commands and possibilities to template language. Among other new features, you can generate the source code for state machines (so far C# and JavaScript). Naturally, the known bugs were fixed.

New version allows you to add sequence messages in sequence diagrams as references to class operations. You can edit the message "inline" when you edit a diagram, or you can set it from the Properties dialog.

From this version, Software Ideas Modeler can generate source code (C#, JavaScript) for State machine diagram based on State design pattern. You can adjust the name of Context class and BaseState when you define the tagged values for your State Machine diagram. e.g. Context=MyContext, BaseState=MyState.

Now the template language has a lot of new commands, which add new possibilities.

Improvements and fixed bugs

+ Improved sequence messages in sequence diagram
+ Mapping to class operations
+ Return values
+ Assignment of return value
+ Parameters
+ Added source code template for State Machine (C#, JavaScript)
+ Added new template commands:
+ ModelElements, DiagramElements (Project type)
+ Uid, DocumentationLines, TaggedValues, GetTaggedValue (Model type)
+ DocumentationLines, TaggedValues, GetTaggedValue (Diagram type)
+ Owner, Class (UmlAttribute, UmlOperation type)
+ Owner, Entity (ErdAttribute)
+ AssociatedDiagrams, Model, GetTaggedValue (ModelElement type)
+ Model, Diagram, Container, OutRelations, InRelations (DiagramElement type)
+ FromElement, From, ToElement, To (Relation type)
+ BehaviorExpression, Guard, Triggers (Transition type)
+ Add second optional parameter to Diagram.Elements, Model.Elements, Project.ModelElements and Project.DiagramElements, which allow to filter elements by type
+ Added new commands for enumerations: FilterByType(typeName1, ..., typeNameN), Skip(count) and Select(expression)
+ Allowed to define custom name for iteration variable - SIM:ForEach:Element.Attributes(myVar)
+ IsEmpty(expression)
+ Allowed to connect a sequence message to destroy element (Sequence diagram)
+ Added tagged values to models and diagrams
+ Added support for static modifier to PHP source code generation [RQ#103]
+ Added proxy settings for auto update
+ Changes made using Diagram Properties dialog can be undone
+ Lifeline classifier can be set using inline editing
+ Added support for comments to XMI export
* Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Raymond Meester)
* Fixed z-order for text of Self Message and Recursive Message (Sequence Diagram) [RQ#106]
* Fixed CTRL-W for closing tab, shortcut keys added to the default menu definition [RQ#108]
* Fixed a special case of application crash when exporting a activity diagram to XMI
* Fixed XMI export - wrong pins and doubled references [RQ#105]
* Added expansion nodes to XMI export [RQ#104]
* Fixed missing references to actions contained in expansion regions [RQ#109]
* Fixed Javascript source code generation


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.60 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.60 (Setup)

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