Souce code generation for Delphi and Concurrency diagram

Version 5.70 supports new diagram type (Concurrency diagram) and allows to generate source code for Delphi. Template language was improved - now it supports composite logical expressions (using and, or, not) and allows to include other files.

  • Added Concurrency Diagram [RQ#24]
  • Added Delphi source code generation [RQ#118]
  • Added setting for default project style set
  • Added new template language commands:
    • Include - allow to include another template file
    • CompactOn, CompactOff - removes redundant lines
    • HasImports, IsLeaf (Element), IsRoot (Element), IsContained(Element), IsOverride (Operation), IsOverloaded (Operation), SubClasses (Class), NestedClasses(Class)
    • And, Or, Not - allows build any logical expressions
  • Improved source code templates for C# (sealed class, override method) and VB.NET (NotInheritable, Overridable, Shared, MustOverride, MustInherit)
  • Added support for nested (inner) classes for C#, VB.NET (Source Code Generation)
  • Added support for nested packages in generated namespaces (Source Code Generation)


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.70 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.70 (Setup)

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