Lots of improvements in version 5.80

I have a present for you. It is not yet the version 6, but I hope you appreciate it as well. There is one more release from 5.x branch and it brings many improvements and fixes.

New features and improvements

  • Improved communication messages in communication diagram
    • Added connection to operation from class of lifeline
    • Result assignment
    • Return value
    • Parameters
  • Added combo box with operations for sequence action and communication message (Sequence diagram, Communication diagram)
  • Added auto complete for lifeline clasifier (Sequence diagram, Communication diagram)
  • Added Concurrency diagram to Start with... section
  • Added Mutex element to Concurrency diagram
  • Added new template language commands:
    • ExplicitWhitespacesOn, ExplicitWhitespacesOff
    • Space(n), Tab(n), Line(n), Indent(n)
    • ToUpper(string), ToLower(string), Substring(string, start), Substring(string, start, length), Length(string), Trim(string)
    • IsAutoIncrement (for ERD Entity Attribute)
  • Added ERD to XSD template (thanks to Raymond Meester)
  • Improved SQL reverse engineering
    • Showing progress
    • Better relations
  • Improved SQL DDL generation
    • Added auto increment support
    • References generated at the end of script
  • Added auto increment support for attributes in ER diagram
  • Improved XMI export/import of state machine diagram - supported entry, exit and doActivity
  • Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Raymond Meester)
  • Source Code Generation dialog remembers last used language, templated and output path
  • Files of source code template can be renamed

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed application crash on loading of template filter [RQ#127]
  • Fixed SQL DDL generation (multi column primary keys)
  • Fixed problem with applying default style set
  • Fixed position of edit box when renaming a diagram from tab and tab bar is scrolled
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of documentation editor when you insert text at beginning of paragraph, the properties of previous paragraph was copied
  • Fixed incorrect home key behavior when cursor is in the last line and there is one format for the entire line
  • Fixed incorrect format selected in toolbar when cursor is before first character in paragraph
  • Fixed application crash when multiple pages mode is turned on and a displayed diagram is deleted
  • Fixed formatting using context bar
  • Fixed adding "zero move" commands after clicking on element
  • Fixed layout of element stereotypes editor
  • Fixed source code parsig (suppported other linebreaks than CRLF, better tab handling)
  • Fixed inserting of element documentation in documentation editor
  • Fixed application crash when there is an incorrectly defined source code language [RQ#130]
  • Fixed typo error Inseraction Use to Interaction Use [RQ#133]


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.80 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.80 (Setup)

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