Version 5.84

This release fixes new found bugs and includes some small improvements.

  • Text in preview of style in Styles sidebar is rendered with name style instead of text style
  • Name of default style in style list is rendered using bold font
  • Renamed 'Set Style as Default' to 'Make Style of Selected Element Default' [RQ#184]
  • Fixed application crash when exporting big diagrams
  • Fixed cursor change bug in diagram editor [RQ#177]
  • Fixed problem with copying elements between diagrams [RQ#186]
  • Fixed connecting of relation ends when moving relation in group with other elements [RQ#181]
  • Fixed saving showing of nullability in ERD entity [RQ#178]
  • Fixed application crash when inline-edit parameters of transition without defined trigger [RQ#187]
  • Fixed positions of association multiplicities and roles - now they are placed on the same side of line for both ends [RQ#188]
  • Fixed adding diagram to project after closing project and creating/opening the new one when no node was selected in project tree
  • Fixed showing Styles sidebar after its hiding
  • Fixed updating styles in Styles sidebar after loading project [RQ#182]


Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.84 (ZIP package)
Download Software Ideas Modeler 5.84 (Setup)

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