How to Apply Your License Key

The following steps show you how to enter and activate your (full or trial) license that you get to e-mail after purchasing or completing the trial license request.

How to Access the Activation Dialog

There are two ways how to enter your license key and activate your license depending on whether your trial expired or you still have a valid license.

1) If your trial license expired (one hour trial or 30-day trial) and you start Software Ideas Modeler, you will see the following dialog:

Evaluation Form
Evaluation Form

If you want to insert your new license (full or trial), which allows you to use the application, click on Activate button (the second button from the top). The Activation dialog will show.

2) If your trial license is still valid, you can continue to the main application window, open the File menu, then click on the Help item, and finally on the Activate Commercial License (or Activate Your License) item. Then the following activation dialog will show:

Activate from Menu
Activate from Menu

How to Activate the Application

You can click on the button Insert License File in the Activation dialog and insert the license key file using the Open File dialog. Alternatively, if you know the exact path, you can enter it directly into the text box (on the right of the Insert License File button). The application remembers only the path to your license file, so you cannot delete or move it after activation.

Activation Form
Activation Form

Instance Licensed To box should contain the name of the user who uses the instance of your license. If you have a single license, it is your name. If you purchased the multi-license, you should name your licenses according to the individual users.

Then insert the license ID you received with your license into the Instance License ID box. If you purchased multiple licenses, you received multiple license IDs. Each license ID is dedicated to one user.

When the path to the license key, 'Instance Licensed To' field, and 'Instance License ID' field are filled, you can click on Activate button. The program evaluates your combination of the license key and license ID, and if everything is OK, the following dialog will show:

Activation Successful
Activation Successful

Check Your License

If you want to check your license sometime later, you can do it using the License Info dialog. It is accessible from the Help menu ('License Info' item).

The dialog includes the following info:

  • Software Edition - Your currently used edition of Software Ideas Modeler
  • Name - Your name or the name of the company that purchased the software license.
  • E-mail - Your contact e-mail, which you used for the purchase
  • Instance Licensed To - The name of the user of the open application
  • Valid From - The date from which your update license is valid
  • Valid To - The date to which your update license is valid (not the license for use - it is valid forever for all versions of Software Ideas Modeler released between Valid From and Valid To date)
  • License Count - The maximum number of your licensed users
License Info Window
License Info Window

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