New Move tool, Connection string manager and 22 other improvements in version 6.10

Version 6.10 is coming with 24 new features. It also fixes 16 bugs. The most important features are Move tool, Connection string manager and handling of existing file conflicts during batch export.

Move tool

Move tool allows you to move all elements below/above/on the left/on the right of the clicked point. You can move elements in two ways. If you use the left mouse button, you will add a free space in the diagram and move the elements in the direction of your cursor move. If you use the right mouse button (or left mouse button with CTRL pressed), you will remove a free space in the diagram and move the elements. The examples are below:

Move Tool - Add Space Move Tool - Remove Space

Connection string manager

If you work often with database and import tables to diagrams, this feature will save you a lot of time. You can save your connection strings and then later select them from the drop down list.

Connection String Manager

Getter and setter

This small feature allows you to easily create getter and setter to the selected attribute.

Getter and Setter

New features and improvements

  • Added Move tool [RQ#211]
  • Added more options how to handle existing file during Batch export [RQ#210]
  • Improved naming of relations in database import
  • Project tree in source code generation dialog is expanded to diagram level
  • Added generation of default name for diagram in New diagram dialog
  • Added start and end role for ERD relations [RQ#208]
  • Added applying of grid settings to dragged element preview
  • Improved applying of grid settings to drag&dropped element (now always the same size of inserted elements)
  • Added auto snap lines also for drag&dropped elements
  • Added new template language commands:
    • OriginalType, ReplacedType (for attributes and operation parameters)
    • OriginalReturnType, ReplacedReturnType (for operations)
    • Name, IsNullable, Id (for types)
  • Types can be marked as nullable
  • Small enhancements of user interface of Type Editor dialog
  • Enhanced support of nullable types in NHibernate Fluent code generation
  • Improved generation of identity for NHibernate Fluent (now also Assigned() is supported)
  • Enhanced list box with search support in Import Database dialog
  • Added displaying of table schema in list of tables in Import Database dialog
  • Import Database dialog remembers used connection strings and offers them in the list of connection string combo box
  • Added Connection string manager
  • Added search box to the list of graphics
  • Smaller thumbnails in Graphics sidebar
  • Added context menu item Asynchronous for sequence messages [RQ#205]
  • Added context menu item Add Getter and Setter for class attributes [RQ#173]
  • Improved renaming in project tree
  • Added stereotype icon mode

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed end point locking for rectangular relations [RQ#209]
  • Added missing tooltip for Snap Lines button and for context menu in Start Page
  • Fixed application crash when generating a source code and type is not defined
  • Fixed remembering of settings of source code generation dialog
  • Fixed resizing of start with list for small height
  • Fixed typo errors Week Entity -> Weak Entity, Parellel -> Parallel, Bried description -> Brief description
  • Fixed remembering of 'Use System Email Client'
  • Fixed application crash when resizing the main window to small height
  • Fixed application crash when showing auto-complete list in special case
  • Fixed rendering of grip for width of name
  • Fixed rendering of hover points and line segments
  • Fixed auto-update
  • Fixed application crash on auto-export of XMI when the output directory does not exist
  • Fixed saving of large diagrams to PDF and vector formats
  • Fixed applying of padding from Style sidebar
  • Fixed showing of dialog with shapes for stereotype


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