Improved relationships and other enhancements in 6.20

Version 6.20 introduces new style of relationship line - rounded rectangular. There are also other improvements and fixes.

Highlights of new version

Rounded rectangular lines

New version of Software Ideas Modeler offers a new kind of relationship line - rounded rectangular. It is similar to rectangular style - the difference is that the corners are rounded.

Rounded Rectangular Lines

Relationship selection

There are many improvements of relationship selection. The bounds grips were removed. New grips for points of relationship were added. The selection of thick line is better visible.

Relationship Selection

New features and improvements

  • Added new rounded rectangular style for relationships
  • Improved grips for relationship [RQ#247]
    • Removed bounds grips
    • Added point grips
  • Added Mongolian translation (thanks to М. Мөнхнаран and С. Бадрал)
  • Added Block tool for SysML Package diagram [RQ#240]
  • Added Class tool for UML Package diagram
  • Enabled adding of new lines in description field of Diagram Description element [RQ#245]
  • Disabled confirmation of Diagram Properties dialog on Enter when description field focused
  • Improved rendering of selection for thick relationship lines
  • Improved undo behavior

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed default names for Signal Send and Signal Receipt elements [RQ#246]
  • Fixed application crash when try to copy empty selection from grid [RQ#234]
  • Fixed application crash when try to paste copied elements to model or project instead of to diagram [RQ#235]
  • Fixed rare application crash when drawing sequence action [RQ#236]
  • Fixed application crash when try to insert wrong file as license key [RQ#239]
  • Fixed application crash when setting glow size smaller than 2
  • Fixed application crash when you try to insert new line before the first character when editing comment in diagram [RQ#242]
  • Fixed incorrect bounds of selection for elements after copy & paste
  • Fixed adjusting of positions of relationship ends



Skin27 10 June 2013 21:48:41

6.20 version

Finally Mongolian translation :)

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