A lot of improvements in version 6.30

Version 6.30 brings almost 50 small improvements and fixes. This version allows to set auto path for relationships - then the paths are automatically routed by adjusted A* algorithm.


Auto Routed Paths

Auto Routed Path

Another Way of Relationship Drawing

Another Way of Relationship Drawing

Improvements and new features

  • Improved connecting of ends of newly created relationships
  • Improved relation path routing
  • Added auto path routing for relations
  • Added diagram choice dialog for XMI export
  • Added support for SysML XMI import/export
  • Added support for ports to XMI
  • Added confirmation dialog before deleting a connection string
  • Appended ... for all menu items which show dialog
  • Auto-complete list of types is ordered by name [RQ#257]
  • Added support for enumeration as a type [RQ#257]
  • Added support for nested ports [RQ#264]
  • Added full and proxy ports [RQ#265]
  • Added "lollipop" interface tool for class diagram
  • Readded style sets: Simple, Simple with Shadow, Simple Bold
  • Enter and Shift+Enter actions at field editing switched - Enter confirms edited field and end editing, Shift+Enter confirm edited field and edit next field or create new one [RQ#263]
  • Menu items for types and markers of BPMN elements are checked when they are used
  • Improved snaplines (now not displayed for nested elements, when moving container)
  • Improved adding to container - element is added to container when they are intersected (mouse cursor need not to be over the container)
  • Added info about bit version of application (32/64-bit) [RQ#268] and whether it runs in Portable mode
  • Removed Apply button from Styles pane [RQ#267]
  • Added context menu for Style pane (allow to Apply, Edit and Delete style)
  • Added Frame tool to SysML diagrams [RQ#248]
  • Adjusted rendering of arrows [RQ#276]
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Franz E. Arnold)

Fixed Bugs

  • Applying of grid settings to lines at inserting [RQ#273]
  • Fixed deleting of multi-level nested elements [RQ#255]
  • Fixed application crash when there is a loop in the Hierarchical Task Analysis diagram [RQ#250]
  • Fixed editing of Hierarchical Task Analysis diagram (undo&redo of deleted plans)
  • Fixed application crash when try to export diagram to PDF using Batch export [RQ#249]
  • Fixed application crash when loading project with unreferenced interaction operand
  • Fixed application crash when try to remove a point using double click and it is over another element [RQ#253]
  • Fixed icons in diagram menu [RQ#254]
  • Fixed application crash at replacing [RQ#252]
  • Fixed moving of multiple container elements [RQ#256]
  • Fixed style set import/export
  • Fixed delete confirmation message box in Style Set Management window
  • Fixed application crash when layout of block is not recalculated before rendering [RQ#261]
  • Fixed refreshing of elements when some change is applied from context menu
  • Fixed canceling of selection after command execution
  • Removed limitation to non-negative position for swimlanes [RQ#270]
  • Fixed refreshing of style list after closing project and creating the new one [RQ#275]
  • Fixed moving of nested elements in activity loops [RQ#241]
  • Some other stability fixes
  • Downloads

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