Drawing Paths

Relationships between elements can be depict using paths. Software Ideas Modeler offers many options how to draw paths and connect elements.

The basic way is: select a path/relationship tool (1), move cursor to the start element (2), press and hold left mouse button and move to the end element (3). After releasing the button, the relationship between these elements will be created.

Defining Start and End Element

If you don't start (and/or end) the path directly over the element, but only near to it, the program will automatically recognize what you wanted to do and connect the correct elements:

Approximate Defining Start and End Element

You can also use drag&drop technique (as by shapes) – press and hold left mouse button over chosen relationship tool (1) and move the cursor to free space between two elements and then release the button (2).

Drag and Drop

If the relationship is not same on both ends or program is not sure which two elements you want to connect, New Relation dialog will show, where you can adjust the start (1) and end element (2) of relationship. The most probable option is predefined. If you want to change only the direction of relationship you can click on the double-arrow button (3). After clicking OK button, the relationship will be created.

Drag and Drop - Dialog Drag and Drop - Result

The Smart key feature is available also for relationships. Press the key shortcut for the tool, you want to use, and the program offers you several (max. 10) possible relationships. Press the numeric key (0-9) to select the option you want.

Drag and Drop

If you want to draw a complex rectangular path, you can use the freehand drawing feature. Select the desired relationship tool in the toolbox (1). Move mouse cursor to the start element (2). Press and hold right mouse button, draw any custom path, which will end over the end element (3). Release the mouse button. The path will be automatically adjusted and the relationship between elements created.

Freehand Rectangular Path Freehand Rectangular Path - Result

The drawn rectangular path can be adjusted – you can move vertical lines to left or right (1), horizontal lines up or down (2) or you can adjust the position of breakpoints (3).

Adjusting Rectangular Path

Line Styles

Paths can be routed in one of these five styles:

  • Straight
  • Oblique
  • Curve
  • Rectangular
  • Round Rectangular
Line Styles
Using different line styles


Straight style is a simple line without any breakpoints from one element to another.

Straight Style


Oblique style allows to define custom path with unrestricted number of breakpoints.

Oblique Style


Curve style allows to define custom path with unrestricted number of breakpoints. The path has smooth transitions around breakpoints.

Curve Style


Rectangular style restricts the path to horizontal and vertical lines.

Rectangular Style

Round Rectangular

Round rectangular style is similar as Rectangular, the only difference are the rounded corners.

Round Rectangular Style

Change Line Style

If you want to change the style of path, right click on line and in context menu, click on Line Style and choose one of items in submenu (Straight, Oblique, Rectangular, Rounded Rectangular, Curve).

Change Line Style


Claudia 6 April 2016 9:15:59

Remove connecting lines of connection elements


with new version you added a connection between connecting elements (e. g. control flow in activity diagramm) and their text/control flow text. If you move this text away from its element there apears this grey little line. I like it, when this text is at the beginning of the control flow, but then I get this new line connecting the text to its element. That looks kind of strange. I'm sure in other cases, this new feature is quite handy but in my case I would prever if the line was not there. Is there an option to easily remove this line?

thx for your support

Dusan Rodina - softwareideas.net 6 April 2016 21:48:08

RE: Remove connecting lines of connection elements


these grey lines should not be displayed by default. You probably changed the default style set or the style of connector (control flow). You can change it back this way:

1) if it is displayed only for one connector, select this connector, right click on it, choose Properties, open Style tab and uncheck Show label connectors (in Label group)

2) if it is displayed for all connectors in your project, use the menu: Project/Style Set/Edit... In the displayed dialog, select (Default Style), navigate to Label group and uncheck Show label connectors.

Claudia 11 April 2016 14:53:34

RE: RE: Remove connecting lines of connection elements

thx for your quick reply. Your second suggestion worked fine :)

I propably did edit the default style and wasn't aware of the corresponding option. thx :)

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