More options with version 6.50

Version 6.50 is more configurable. It fixes reported bugs and adds new features.

Highlights of the new version

Version 6.50 is more configurable. You can set a custom size for each element, a custom direction for each relationship and when to add elements to a container.

New options

The selection tool has also settings now. The default way of selecting was preserved - all elements which are partially contained within selection bounds, will be selected. Do you want to select only elements, which are fully contained within selected area? Now you have this option. Right click on Selection tool, click on Selection Settings and choose Full Containment.

Selection Settings

New dash styles were added and you do not need to choose one by its name - now you can see the visual preview of each dash style and easily choose the one you want.

Selection Settings

New features and improvements

  • Tool customization
    • Custom default size of shape (by last element/custom by selected/custom from dialog)
    • Custom direction of relationship
  • Added setting for default way of selection
    • Partial containment selection (default)
    • Full containment selection
  • Added Column layout [RQ#304]
  • Added Diagram type filter to Stereotype List editor
  • Custom stereotype can be saved to stereotype list [RQ#282]
  • Remembering width of toolbox in fullscreen mode [RQ#283]
  • Style sidebar is grayed when no element is selected
  • Added support for loops and conditional commands in Custom command dialog in Documentation template editor
  • Elements without documenation are not added to the generated documention [RQ#147]
  • Added documentation text for models and diagrams to the generated documentation [RQ#146]
  • Added attributes and operations to the generated documentation [RQ#191]
  • Improved and optimized documentation file format (the size of file can be reduced by up to 60%)
  • Changed direction of aggregation and composition to be more intuitive [RQ#276]
  • Added support for unique attribute of index (editable using Index dialog, using Index grid, added IsUnique command for Index to SIM template language)
  • Attribute multiplicity of 'many' (arrays) can be set also as [] and will be automatically adjusted to [*] [RQ#281]
  • Added new commands to menu in Documentation Template Editor (Diagram.Documentation, Model.Documentation, Attribute.Documentation, Operation.Documentation)
  • Improved default documentation template
  • Improved export to PDF and ODT
  • If ESC is pressed active tool is switched to Selection [RQ#303]
  • Improved auto size
  • Added options for adding elements to container
    • Partially overlapped
    • Fully overlapped
    • When cursor over container
  • Added setting for container inflation to Options window
  • Added setting for default role visibility [RQ#280]
  • Easier editing of attribute and operation modifiers [RQ#262]
  • Names in dash style menu changed to visual previews of styles
  • Improved dash styles [RQ#271]
  • Added new dash styles

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed auto size of classes [RQ#287]
  • Fixed warning about locked project file when using 'Save As' for saving into the same file [RQ#292]
  • Fixed deleting of diagram from nested model [RQ#285]
  • Fixed restoring original toolbox width after restoring from fullscreen mode [RQ#283]
  • Fixed application crash when click on Apply in Styles sidebar and no style is selected, context menu will not display when free space is clicked [RQ#289]
  • Fixed application crash when using value setter in Style sidebar [RQ#288]
  • Fixed application crash when try to move rows of grid without rows [RQ#290]
  • Fixed XMI export [RQ#291]
  • Fixed possible application crash when editing relationship in ERD diagram (converted from Class diagram) using dialog
  • Fixed application crash when deleting attribute added using Field pattern feature
  • Fixed application crash when draw a very small interface symbol with shading effect style [#295]
  • Fixed application crash when try to edit a cell outside allowed area in grid [RQ#296]
  • Fixed undo/redo for documentations with auto updated parts
  • Fixed generation of table of contents
  • Fixed deleting of template parts in documentation editor
  • Fixed selection of elements [RQ#279,RQ#302]
  • Fixed updating of connectors [RQ#305]


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