Version 6.51

Version 6.51 fixes reported bugs and it also brings some improvements.

New features and improvements

  • UI Grid (from UI Diagram) supports texts in cells
  • Elements from Drawing can be connected using relations [RQ#306]
  • Added universal connector to Drawing group
  • Name of Class/ERD entity is stretched to whole class area when attributes and operations are hidden
  • Attributes of ERD entity can be hidden
  • Allowed to add text to shapes from Drawing group
  • Allowed to change container of ports, pins and parameters [RQ#311]

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed copy&paste for elements with custom dash style [RQ#309]
  • Fixed auto scrolling of tabs and displaying of Plus button for adding diagrams [RQ#310]
  • Fixed adding to container which is nested in another container using options Partially and Full overlapped elements [RQ#311]
  • Fixed applying collapse setting of project tree [RQ#307]
  • Fixed alternate style loading
  • Fixed application crash with lifelines in Timing diagram [RQ#297]


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